Expert Tips to Avoid a Bad Curly Hair Cut


Are you struggling with frizzy, curly hair? Curly or wavy has a tendency to get frizzy, and it becomes difficult for you to control. There may not have been a lot of options for managing curly hair in the past. Today, many hairstylists in Colorado Springs offer different hair treatments to help you better deal with your curly hair. Moreover, they also provide you with different haircut and styling options to make it smooth and frizz-free, and make you confident and lift your spirits up. But, getting a bad curly haircut from an unexperienced hairstylist can be a big blow to your self-esteem. So, here we’ve listed a few things to tell your stylist to score the perfect style every time you get into an organic hair salon in Colorado Springs.

Choose Styles that Fit Your Natural Hair Texture

Even though there are numerous hairstyling ideas that we love, not all of those works well for us. While you are looking for styles that suit your face shape and hair texture, it’s essential to choose the one that complements the overall look. So, if you are going to a hairstylist, you can take reference photos of hair with the same style, and hair texture. A hairstylist can help you in choosing styles that suits your strand.

Check Your Stylist’s Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more have become a platform for stylist’s to share their portfolio and attract new clients. Check your hair stylist’s social media page to find whether they have received training to cut curly hair and what hairstyles they typically work with.

Book a Consultation

Book a consultation with your hair stylist in Colorado Springs to talk about, how often you get your hair cut, what types of products you use normally, and how you style it.

Consider the Length and Weight of Your Curls

During the consultation, let your hairstylist know about the length and density you’re after. Some hairstylist may suggest you to use layers to take off some of the weight and help shape the look of your strands.

Choose the Type of Your Cut

Some people opt for a wet hair cut, but it could end up in shorter curls and becomes a disaster for the shape and length of your strands. So, choose a dry hair cut to get better results.

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