Expert Opinion of Cement Production

In fact, the cement plant powder body has a unique ‘dual nature’ —- continuity of macro-and micro discrete, and the physicochemical properties of the particle itself has changes in the external environment conditions, but also will be mixed particles process an enormous impact on the split of different composition and performance from the hybrid movement is a very complex chaotic process, very often, the macro appears to be a good mix microscopic observation of the powder material is very uneven, hybrid systems of particles behavior is not reproducible, and no uniform standards to measure the mixing effect, and thus the powder mixing is difficult in the field of Powder Engineering.

Traditional cement production, other production processes need to spend a lot of non-renewable resources and energy, and pollute the environment, the cement manufacturing industry resources, energy, and labor-intensive and environment polluting industries. In order to achieve resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, promote energy conservation, green industrial production, following the development trend of the times and socio-economic development needs of the market has the effect of synthetic cement manufacturing ‘of modern materials, manufacturing processes, techniques and methods , energy-saving raw materials, production and improvement of a series of improvement measures.

A large number of products by mixing synthetic quickly made in 2010, according to the survey of the relevant departments of organizations, the country’s cement production of 1.87 billion t2, of which nearly 1/3 is the production of separate grinding, synthetic cement mill technology methods. Modern ‘synthesis process’ the manufacture of cement has become the development direction of the manufacturing industry, which the cement powder mixed homogenization higher technical requirements, and increase table on two aspects of the mixing efficiency and mixing quality control is very tight.table concentrator:
ore vibrating feeder:

In summary, the following conclusions:

Body in the library for powder pneumatic mixed, due to the high pressure air convection flow, resulting in the mixing of the two airflow recirculation zone leaving materials, powder particles can be mixed movement under the mandatory role of the airflow, this movement The more intense, more chaos, mixing the better.

The behavior of particles in the hybrid system is not repetitive, often seemingly a good mix of materials, microscopic analysis the point of uniformity is poor, which from the point of view of the microscopic analysis, the powder mixing effect the correct measurement and evaluation, this will be the subject of further research carried out.

Euler – Euler model equations can be used computational fluid dynamics technology to simulate the cement powder of the mobile library in the intermittent pneumatic.

Intermittent gas-solid homogenizing silo internal particles and between the gas phase there is a strong coupling to fully understand the characteristics of intermittent gas-solid homogenizing silo, first to deal with its internal gas and particle phase flow field analysis.



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