Everything you need to know before you go for the Sherwani in the occasion

Every Indian ethnic wear is an emblem of royalty and class. Sherwani is one of those fashion wear which is having back of the Indian men during different occasions. It is one of the most used gorgeous outfits in men’s fashion India. It is worn around the south East Asian region. It is one of the most used attire during the occasions. Another Indian clothing that is most used is the kurta for men. But styling the Men’s kurta or the Sherwani isn’t easy task to do. So, here are some important points to remember before you wear the Sherwani dress or style the kurta.

  • Good fabric is the way to glamour

No matter how beautiful the design is without a good fabric it is not worth wearing. You can opt for small budget Sherwanis but it is better to go for the higher budgets. The embroidery on the sherwani will look good if the fabric is of high quality. Many fabrics are used to make sherwani but brocade is more popular and classy.

  • Proper colour helps you to rock

Not only a good fabric a good colour is important to add more to glam up your Sherwani dress look. A dark colour suits your night time or evening functions but light pastel colours are more suitable for daytime occasions. A good choice of colour in Sherwani dress can lead you to the show stopper position of the evening.

  • If it isn’t properly fitted it isn’t worth wearing

To rock your shervani look, a proper body fitting is very important. If the Shervani is not fitted properly even the costliest dress is a complete waste of money. Tapered sides, necklines, dress length, etc. differs with the physique size of the person. A healthy person always chooses the loose-fitting Afghani style with dhoti.

  • Proper accessories complete the look

No matter if you are wearing a Shervani or kurta accessories are always important to complete the look you plan. A small brooch always increases the royal feeling of the Shervani. On the other hand, you can wear a bracelet and increase the cool look.  If you wear dupatta on shervani, it will add royal elegance to your personality which will create a better impression on the people. Brooch should be used if you are planning for wedding look.  At the end always choose the proper shoes to wear. Without proper shoes, all your hard work goes in vain.



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