Essential things that a bath remodeling contract must include

Most of the remodeling contractors have a standard template for contracts they sign with their customers. Due to the lack of knowledge related to the same, the customers don’t think about modifying the contract. You can’t always rely on verbal communication with your bath remodeling contractor in Apple Valley.

To make sure the project is finished as per your expectations and fee is charged as per your discussion, the contract must have the following inclusions.

Project Description

It is a no-brainer as far as contracts are concerned. This section includes materials, outlines of the work, and the products to be used in the job. The description often includes information on what will be constructed and what will be demolished. Make sure the section specifies that the contractor is responsible for obtaining every necessary permit.

The breakdown and timeline of the payment

Some contracts simply state the total amount you are supposed to pay the company. Make sure it also includes the timing and amount to be paid during each installment. The payment should be made on specific project milestones, such as completion of the foundation.

Project dates

After finalizing the start and end date for the project, include the same into the contract. You might include a buffer of two-three days so that the contractor doesn’t feel pressured. This clause often involves delays due to plan changes or weather interruptions.


Different contractors provide different warranties on the materials and workmanship. Discuss the same beforehand and include the same in your contract. Mention the nature of the warranty: full or limited. Also, include the period, and the contact details of the party responsible for the same.

Arbitration clause

The homeowners often ignore this clause when signing a contract. This becomes crucial in case a disagreement occurs between the homeowner and contractor. Having this clause empowers you to resolve disputes without worrying about costly litigation.


A lot of individuals don’t know but a contract is a binding legal document only if both parties have signed it. Make sure your contract has the signature of your contractor, too.

With all these inclusions, you can be sure that you won’t face troubles throughout or after your kitchen remodeling project. If you are searching reliable bath remodeling contractors Farmington or Apple Valley, connect with the team of Residential Remodelers. Every project they handle is executed in a transparent manner. With cost-effective and green solutions, they believe in making lasting relationships with their customers. Learn more about the unique features related to remodeling solutions from here:



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