EPOS System Works Equally Efficiently For Restaurants As Well As Bars

The EPOS system for restaurant and bars strikes a balance by ensuring that these establishments function seamlessly and offer the guests the quality experience that they look forward to while also preventing the needless over-working of the restaurant and bar stuff in order to keep records of sale and track inventory but on concentrating on serving better.

The EPOS system or the Electronic Point of Sales system enables the restaurateurs to ride the success ladder at a fast rate. The time tested EPOS system for restaurant provides many crucial business tools in a single package thereby saving time and effort on the part of the restaurant owners and the stuff enabling them to serve better.

The various benefits of installing EPOS in the restaurant are listed below:

Seamlessly take orders:

A reliable and fully functional EPOS system directly takes orders from the customer’s table. This is done through tabs placed on each table where the guests can easily place their order and play fun games while waiting for the dish to be brought to them. The order is then directly transferred to the bars and kitchen accordingly, thus leaving no room for mistake.

Customized billing:

EPOS systems have customized billing as per the customer’s convenience. The system offers the option to split bills and can be set for any currency. Bills can also be accepted in card, cheque or cash. The customers can simply swipe the card on the table without the hassle of getting up. The EPOS provides customers with receipts on the spot.

Sell online:

Most restaurant conducts business online aside from dine-in. AnEPOS system is one of the easiest ways to sell food items on the web. One can sync the sales of both the restaurant and the online business via the EPOS software. This helps in accessing the information from anywhere and anytime. This software takes care of everything from tracking the entire inventory and orders to calculating sales. The user can easily keep the two aspects of the business in sync.

Faster transactions:

EPOS systems make transactions much quicker by simplifying business operations and making transactions simpler to manage. A tablet based EPOS system requires one to just tap in the information on the tablet to maintain the record.

Efficient inventory management:

When it comes to managing the inventory there is no match to the EPOS system. The client only needs to feed the sales and information data about the orders and the EPOS automatically updates the inventory and makes the necessary changes to the records. One can also measure the hours each employee puts in each day for optimal use of labor.

Bars are one of the busiest places in the modern world and up gradation of these places is a necessity. The bar POS system is an exceptionally smart mode to tackle the various hassles that the bar owners and employees have to handle on a daily basis.

Business experts continue to claim that EPOS system is the best option for most food and beverage serving outlets because these places deal with a large number of people and transact business on a large scale daily. The bar POS system provides customers with a sense of protection while they use their cards to pay their bills.

The EPOS system also makes it easier for the stuff to manage time efficiently and prevent the long queues that have negative effect on the guests.

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