Enjoy the Benefits of Whey Proteins For Better Muscle Volume

For anyone who is into fitness and bodybuilding, the term whey protein is a familiar one. Derived from milk proteins, this is one of the easiest sources of the muscle building nutrient, protein. With a reliable whey protein shake, you do not have to worry about elaborate meal preparations and frequent meals which may not fit into a busy schedule.

What are Whey Proteins?

There are two basic types of milk proteins, namely whey and casein. Whey protein is more commonly used as it is a faster acting protein in comparison to casein and helps muscles recover almost immediately.

Whey proteins are derived as a part of the cheese making process. Depending upon the concentration of protein and the filtration process that each undergoes, there are three types of whey proteins available

  • Whey protein concentrate which contains some amount of carbs and fats
  • Whey protein isolate which contains very low levels of carb and fat and a higher concentration of proteins.
  • Whey protein hydrolysate which is a predigested form of whey protein for easy absorption.

You can choose the best whey protein depending upon your level of training and the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.

Benefits of Whey Proteins

The best whey protein in India provides you with a spectrum of health benefits as mentioned below:

  • They help in muscle synthesis by allowing you to fulfill your daily required protein intake. With whey protein supplements, you have the advantage of proteins that are easy for the muscles to absorb and grow in size.
  • You can prevent catabolic muscle loss with some of the best whey protein brands as they give you a good blend of fast and slow acting proteins. This gives you a sustained supply of proteins to ensure that there is no chance of muscle loss.
  • Intense training leads to microscopic wear and tear: Whey proteins contain all nine essential amino acids to give you a complete amino acid profile to enhance muscle recovery. This helps prevent any soreness in the muscles and also keeps your muscles fuelled throughout your training session. The best whey protein in India also contain added BCAAs and EAAs to enhance the recovery process.
  • They improve your overall metabolic health. Increased protein intake improves metabolism as the body has to work harder to digest proteins. This, in turn, improves the conversion of fat into energy units to help you get the lean physique that you are working towards.

How to Consume

Mix the recommended amount of the protein powder in water or milk to make a thick shake. You can consume it immediately after your workout to help your muscles recover faster. If you are taking more than one serving each day, you also have the option of adding one portion in between meals, before bedtime or first thing in the morning to prevent catabolic muscle loss.

Where to Buy

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