Engraving – The Ultimate Way to Personalize Your Wedding Ring


As an anonymous saying goes, “Marriage requires a person to prepare four types of “Rings”: Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Suffering, and Enduring,” ring is the first thing that comes to our mind when we consider marriage or engagement.

Wedding rings represent the love and the commitment between the partners. These days, you could find jewelry stores in Albuquerque selling wedding rings with stunning designs. If you have purchased your wedding rings and want to create something special and unique just to both of you, engraving the rings would be the best solution. But some people go with their hereditary rings which may require jewelry repair in Albuquerque. Let’s see some engraving ideas for your wedding rings.

The Significance of Engraved Wedding Rings

Generally, a wedding ring is a symbolism that encompasses various meanings. But engraving your wedding rings adds special sense to it. Engraving adds a personal touch and reflects the love and bonding between you and your partner. As these engravings are related to beautiful moments in your life, it helps to cherish all those special moments. The inscriptions can also be some special message between you and your partner.

Things to Note before an Engraving

After buying your wedding ring ask your jeweler to do the engraving. If no such option is available with your jeweler, then seek for the other jewelry stores in Albuquerque that provide engraving facility. Some jewelers offer spot engraving, while some jewelers take few days based on the complexity of the engravings you desire.

Common Engraving Ideas for Your Wedding Rings

You might already have some designs in your mind regarding the engravings, if not the following suggests a few ideas for your carving.

– Initials – Some opt for their first or last names, while some desire the initials for a simple look.
– Primary Dates – Engraving the significant dates will help you to cherish those beautiful moments of that day.
– Significant Locations – Spot where you met your partner first or your place of proposal etc.
– Shortened Poems Or Lyrics – Songs that express the feeling for each other.
– Beautiful Love Quotes – Famous love quotes by great philosophers that express your bonding.
– Humorous Phrases – Funny phrases makes you smile in the years to come and reflects your deep connection.
– Bible Verses – People who are more religious opt this.
– Split Messages – Half message in your ring and the other half in your partner’s ring symbolizes the union of two souls.

Thus make your wedding even more special with the engraved, unique wedding rings.

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