Embroidery Threads Online at Wholesale Prices

When it comes to embroidery, embroidery thread have a large importance. They are one of the most basic material that are used for doing embroidery. You can easily use them to make various designs and patterns on any fabric. They come in beautiful colors so you can easily use them to make colourful intricate patterns which in turn can make your designs stand out.

In this article, we are going to talk about various types of threads that can be used for doing embroidery. So, let’s know all about them one by one:

1. Embroidery Floss: These cotton thread are color fast threads. They are made of multiple cotton yarns and you can easily use them as multi stranded or you can separate them and use them for making designs. Using the six stranded thread will give you fuller look and using lesser number of strands will give me much thinner and precise look. You can find best quality Anchor Embroidery Thread at wholesale prices at embroiderymaterial.com.


2. Art Silk ThreadThese are artificial silk thread that are look like silk yarn. They are perfect for doing embroidery work and making jewelry. They make the work beautiful and luxurious. They can also be used for making tassels and decorating craft projects. These are also available in beautiful colors and are color fast too.


3. Sewing ThreadAs the name suggests, these are used for sewing purpose. They also come in different colors to match the need of the designer. You can find coat sewing thread that is very strong and durable only on embroiderymaterial.com.


4. Crochet Cotton Thread: These are used for making garments like caps, baby shoes, shrugs etc. They also come in variety of colors and you will love how many beautiful garment and decorative items you can make with them.


5. Nylon ThreadThese are basically used for mending and darning work. They are really thin and hence the mending and darning comes about right with them.


6. Satin CordSatin Cord, also know as malai dori can be used for adorning garments. It can be easily used in baby wear.


7. Knitting Wool YarnThis yarn is just like wool. It can be used for making various garments like cap, top, scarf, etc.


So, this was all about various types of threads for embroidery. I hope now you can choose the right thread for your embroidery work.



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