Email Encryption Services for Safe Exchange!

Email encryption services are highly essential for all kinds of business organization in order to secure the sensitive data they share via email. Email encryption is required to protect data from potential hackers who make use of unauthorized access to an email account and can easily access attachments, content, and even hack your entire email account and use it for illegal purposes. It is important to opt for Email encryption services as emails are extremely vulnerable medium when sent via unsecured, or public, Wi-Fi networks. The emails sent via unsecured medium can be intercepted by other users, along with the login credentials of the sender’s. This is where encryptions come into action.

Encryption helps in rendering the content of the emails sent as unreadable as they travel from the origin (sender’s place) to destination (receiver’s place). Even if some try to hack and intercepts the messages sent, they are unable to interpret the content due to Email encryption service. There are 3 things one should do in order to ensure proper encryption, such as-

1. The connection from the email provider

2. The actual email messages

3. The stored, archived or cached email messages

What are the benefits of Email encryption services?

1. Email encryption services help in improving and enhancing security that too without any requirement of management of certificates or encryption keys.

2. Email encryption services help in supporting compliance demands by subjecting all the messages sent to data leak prevention, anti-malware and compliance policies.

3. Email encryption services help in increasing the recipient confidence by customization facilities also available.

Why choose Email encryption services?

1. One can easily Send, receive, forward, and reply to secure messages without making any use of special software.

2. The use of Email encryption services makes encrypted email communications easily accessible to the intended recipient.

3. The services enable its intended recipients to view the encrypted messages from any email platform.

4. Phishing attacks can be avoided using encryption services as they allow the recipients to establish a message in such a way that it looks as if it is coming from a credible source.

5. The end users have a quick and easy access from any webmail account.

What are the security controls given by the Email encryption services?

Email encryption services offer a variety of security controls such as-

1. Email encryption services help in controlling the maximum number of views.

2. Email encryption services help in setting a limit for the start and stop time for viewing any message.

3. Email encryption services help in revoking the email viewing privileges.

4. Email encryption services enable retractability of messages.

5. Email encryption services have a great ability to hide the identity of the original sender.

6. Email encryption services help in controlling message openings as well as prevent message forward/reply.

7. Email encryption services also have a feature of notifying the sender upon the mail being read by the receiver.

8. Email encryption services also expire the messages automatically based on date and number of views.

It is important to protect all your important documents from prying hackers in order to get a successful and efficient business venture.


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