Effective ways to assist children learning Chinese

There are many methods to help children to learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun and engaging way. If there is a daily activity or game that your child enjoys, we suggest turning that into a Chinese version creating the opportunity to develop the language. In this article, we are helping you to expand your options! Language learning for kids is all about improving and motivating their interests to the language they learn.

Go to Native Speakers

Living abroad doesn’t offer much of a chance to practice Chinese but if you live near a Chinatown why not head there for a day trip! Have your child talk with the shopkeepers to practice numbers, basic words, and phrases. It’s a great place to practice a lot of conversation in a short amount of time. Round off your experience by stopping off for food at an authentic Chinese restaurant.


Everybody loves games, so why not use this to your child’s advantage to learn Chinese. You can buy the Chinese version of most popular board games online; this can be used to practice Chinese. It’s also very easy to create words scrabble for children to complete or even turn a Rubik’s cube into a Chinese game by growing items like food, clothes, weather, etc into colors that children have to match.

Songs, Books, and Movies

Why not pick a Chinese children’s cartoon or an already loved western film dubbed in Chinese when you do family movie night next time?!

Kids love Disney and their songs. And there are a lot of Chinese versions too! So, find your children’s favorite songs in Chinese and sing with them. What to begin with? Kung Fu Panda and Mulan can be a good start!

For books, the same approach can be followed, either introduce books that the child is already familiar with in Chinese for comparison or new Chinese children’s age-appropriate books.



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