Effective benefits of teeth in a day dental implant procedure

Suffering from missing teeth is no fun because it can be really uncomfortable, not convenient and can be embarrassing. Dental implants are a natural looking, long-lasting procedure to replace your missing or damaged teeth. While dental implants provide many benefits to people but some methods require multiple visits to the office and waiting for your new set of teeth is just annoying and inconvenient. This is why choosing Teeth in a Day or same-day dental implants are a great option for a lot of patients.

What Is teeth in a day Procedure?

Teeth in a day is a unique method of dental implant surgery that places fully-functional teeth at missing teeth areas on the same day. While traditional dental implant procedure requires certain time period for healing and placing the dental implants and attaching the crown, Teeth In A Day method allows you to experience beautiful and instant results from your dental implant procedure.

The Teeth in a day procedure at Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons allows you to experience the effective benefits of fully functional teeth immediately on the same day. Our most reputable cutting edge of implant dentistry in West Chester PA, allows us to replace the missing teeth with new fixed teeth back immediately and this is performed by fixing new fully functional teeth on top of your implants in a very precise and controlled method. The Diplomate-Board of Periodontology Dr Sam Khoury has excelled in various fields and has received the prestigious Pierre Fauchard award for excellence in dentistry. Our oral surgeon Dr Sam Khoury along with his team will perform these procedures and surgery is done while you are local anaesthesia.

At Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons, our every implant procedure begins with a free consultation. Our team of dental specialists will create a customized treatment plan at affordable costs just for you without having to worry about any additional fees. We provide teeth in an hour dental implant procedure that helps you to return to your normal life instantly and it is the fastest method of gaining back your complete look after losing original teeth. With Teeth In An Hour procedure you can get fully functional teeth within few hours and it not only helps to regain the proper shape of your face but it also helps to avoid embarrassing moments in public gatherings or in the office.

Gum disease is a very dangerous infection that can destroy the vital periodontal structures that protect and maintain your teeth. So, treating your gum disease is very important to protect from the tooth loss that can harm both your health and appearance. Dr Sam Khoury at Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons provides best gum disease West Chester PA treatment and surgical methods which treat moderate to advanced disease. For more details about Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons please visit our website here: https://www.drsamkhoury.com/



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