Education Loan- A Blessed Burden

With the increasing rate of globalization, it is almost mandatory for the youth of today to grab the best education opportunities that will boost their chances of acquiring better jobs. If we take the average Indian student into consideration, easy access to quality education can become difficult, especially from the perspective of bringing greater returns on investment and good job opportunities. A Higher Education Loan can be seen as a funding option that covers the cost of studies and other related expenses that are associated with higher education in India and even abroad. Most banks and lending institutions fund all the expenses including, tuition fees, hostel fees, exam fees, library fees, cost of books and even travelling expenses.


Various reports have also shown that young people, from the age of 20 to 29 are opting for more study loans as compared to the previous decade. Loans or debts have always been looked down upon by the majority of the people. However, education loans used to pursue higher education, are indispensable because of the scale of opportunities that it awards to students. Once students secure admission at a reputable university, their chances of doing better in their careers are higher. Considering the funds that higher education would demand, student loans are also great options for students who want to pursue their education abroad. Even in cases where parents have not planned for their child’s education abroad, Study Loans can be convenient options that help students bridge the funding gap between their dream career. So, even if education loans feel like a burden, they are a blessed burden because of the pool of resources that they open up for students. The best way to tackle higher education loans is by making the correct calculations and by repaying the debt as early as you can. Most students studying abroad also take up part-time jobs. Even if they save up a small part of their stipend and dedicate it towards paying off their EMIs, it would make a big difference in the longer term. It is important to remember that the more one delays payments of EMIs, the more interest they would have to pay on the EMI.


Deciding on a student loan :

Before taking a student loan, it is important to evaluate the interest rates and loan payment structures. The best part about student loans is that they are the cheapest loans available today and come with customizable payback options, as well as payment windows of five to seven years. Investing in education is surely one of the best long-term investments. The burden of an education loan, whether you take it for further studies in India or abroad, can easily be turned into a blessing by managing your debt in the right way, without letting it hamper your future plans.


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