Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Red Bead Mobile Chain

Summary: Mobile chain can make your phone more eye-catching. In this Beebeecraft tutorial, we would like to teach you how to make red bead mobile chain. The finished project is very stunning.

You may spend money buying mobile phone accessories to decorate you mobile. Now I want to tell you that you can make it by your own. And it won’t cost you much time or money. So make this red bead mobile chain with us.

5 steps to make red bead mobile chain:

  1. Things you’ll need: bicone crystal glass bead, glass pendant, headpin, jumpring, brass chain and mobile phone strap.
  2. Connect three jumprings one by one and add a jewelry makingchainto the last jumpring, and then hook the red glass pendant to the brass chain.
  3. Make red bead dangles. Slide glass bead onto headpin and make a loop over the bead to get simple loop.
  4. Hook the red bead dangles to the three jumprings.
  5. Connect the top jumpring to the mobile phone strap.

So the red bead mobile chain is finished. Hope you can use it to decorate your mobile phone.



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