Easy And Convenient Photo Hanging System

Not many people look forward to the tedious task of hanging their favourite art or photos on the wall. This task usually involves plenty of time and stress fraught with holes in the wall and uneven pictures. Thankfully, the team at Gallery Systems have been manufacturing quality photo hanging systems that take the stress and time out of perfect photo and picture hanging.

Since 1987, Gallery Systems has been offering high-quality photo hanging systems with continued innovation and great value to clients across the globe. Australian owned and operated the original founder and inventor, Bruce, has retired, but his innovative photo and picture hanging systems continue to make lives easier under new husband and wife owners Jillian and Malcom.

Offering amazing customer service across the globe, Gallery Systems continues to operate with some manufacturing in Australia, supporting local industry. Gallery systems has helped thousands of customers across the globe with photo hanging systems in family homes through to Apple Inc in California. In the United Kingdom, Gallery Systems have shipped photo hanging systems to thousands of homes across the UK quickly and securely via Pick and Pack Express from their warehouse in Leicestershire.

Gallery Systems, manufactures the trusted photo hanging systems used by the big names including, Intel, Ken Duncan Photography, Apple Inc, over 40 US universities including Harvard and Princeton, Oxford University UK and Old parliament house in Australia.

With over 60 universities, TAFE colleges’ and schools throughout the UK and Australia trusting these photo hanging systems, the only surprise is how affordable such an innovative product is.

The patented photo hanging system is both strong enough to hold pictures and easy to use.

Today’s version was launched on the Sunshine Coast Qld, in 1991with many new products introduced since. These include a stainless-steel cable, a traditional picture rail system, an integrated lighting system, the slimline gaining system and more recently the Clearline range of products.

Gallery Systems, photo hanging systems works by the customer installing a simple rail usually at roof height along the walls. These rails are easy to install, requiring only a few drill holes and screws for the mounting pieces where the rail then clips securely in. Once the rail is installed, photos and pictures can be attached requiring no further tools. To attach a picture to the photo hanging system a stainless-steel cable is threaded through the push button hooks which then are hooked onto the track and wall anchors on the rail. The stainless-steel cables are easily moved along the track and the push button hooks lower or lift your picture into the right position.

The Photo hanging systems come in 4 systems suitable for individual requirements these are the Gallery System, the Slimline Art Hanging System, the Traditional Picture Rail System and a Build Your Own System.

Gallery Systems has been changing the way individual families and international power houses hang their photos and pictures for decades. The Photo Hanging Systems is a stress-free way to hang pictures and photos with ease.



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