Easily Access Your Emails with Exchange Mail Hosting and POP

People have been using email for a long time, but only a few know the meaning of all email jargon. Here you will know the different ways of receiving mail. Whether you are using the company email, own mail server or a web service, there is more in receiving an email than it might look like on the surface. When you are setting up an email client, you have come across options like POP and Exchange. Many customers have seen these options but have no idea. Let us discuss these services so that people can get an idea.

Post Office Protocol or POP – It is a basic email service that got popular way back in the 1980s. You will be receiving an email address with your domain name and that is it. You will not be able to share files, contacts, or calendars. In simpler terms, POP helps in connecting to the email server, deleting mail from the server, retrieving all emails, disconnecting from the mail server and act as local storage for new mail. POP’s default behavior is deleting the mail from the server, but the majority of the POP programs provide an option of leaving a copy of downloaded mail on the server.

Advantages of POP – As the original mail protocol was POP mail, it follows a simple procedure that only one device such as mobile phone, computer, etc will be accessing to the mail on the server, and then the emails will be stored on that same device. This has some advantages such as the mail can be stored locally and can be accessed anytime even without internet connectivity, net connection is needed only to send and receive mail and it helps in saving space in server.

Exchange Mail – It provides a centralized location for managing emails as well as sharing contact lists, files, folders, tasks, and calendars. While using an exchange server, you are not directly interacting with the Exchange as it is the system’s backbone where the data is maintained and stored by the system engineers. Rather, users are utilizing a mail client for accessing and interacting with the data on the Exchange Server.

Advantages of Exchange Email Hosting – It helps in protecting your data and let you stay connected with reliable and secured access to your contacts, calendars, emails virtually from any device. However, there is more to it than the basic features.

• One can access the full mailbox from any location by using any webmail.

• Easy for collaboration and sharing of notes, tasks, calendars, folders, and mailboxes through exchange mail.

• For saving lots of storage space, there are public folders that have one Mailbox, which is accessible to all users.

• On the server, the data is stored so when there is computer failure, setting up on the new system is very simple as connecting to the Exchange server.

• Ease of synchronization with mobile devices for mail, calendar, and contacts from your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Android devices.


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