Dry magnetic separator saves water no pollution

At existing, the ore tailings in China annual discharge about 0.four billion to 0.5 billion tons, taking account 1 third of industrial waste. Among them, metal ore tailings consider 25%, metallurgical slag requires 26%, chemical slag requires 4%, coal fly ash and coal slag consider 35%. Metal recycling and processing will no doubt use Construction Waste Crusher together with other matching equipment. Ore tailings approach helps make use of gravity and magnetic concentration production, so as to recover iron ore from ore slag. As for various metals recycling from tailings, we’ve got to utilize spiral tank, shaking table and magnetic separator matching with diverse ore dressing system. For the time remaining, the advanced equipment such as disk magnetic separator for weak magnetic field, drum magnetic separator with huge drum diameter for medium magnetic discipline and large gradient magnetic separator have already been applied to metal concentration approach.

Dry magnetic separator is usually a new form of higher efficiency magnetic separation tools which developed by mining machinery firm. The whole magnetic program created up of substantial efficiency unusual earth Neodymium Iron Boron supplies and premium quality ferrite materials. A cleverly open magnetic circuit design and style can make the highest magnetic induction in tube sheet choice field be up to 0.8T, that’s 3-5 times on the conventional magnetic machine. The magnetic force in magnetic variety discipline can achieve strong electromagnetic magnetic separator level.

In the system of iron focus powder production, concentration factories will commit 5 to seven tons water when producing one ton ore. If calculated in accordance to six,000 tons ore manufacturing a day, the daily water consumption is about 3,500 tons. As a way to save water to maximize, mining and processing plant created dry magnetic separator. This type of magnetic separator can make discharged tailings precipitate in the thickener and thick pool successively. The clarified water can be sent to workshop by large pressure water pump and employed when again. It achieves wastewater zero discharge from the production.

Dry magnetic separator saves water with out secondary pollution. In the operation, the machine spends much less energy than other magnetic choosing machine. And it does not need to have interesting existing consumption. Dry magnetic separator is high treatment method capability as the open magnetic circuit design and style. It has no clogging challenge when runs. As the magnetic program is protected by roller drum from straight contacting with resources, the equipment is lower running value. In addition to, it adopts dynamic magnetic procedure, the magnetic products are sliding on drum surface, which is very good for drum cleansing. Moreover, drum does not attach products, and that is very good for bettering fine ore grade.



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