Download 2019 Latest Microsoft MCSA Exam 70-346 Braindumps PDF

I had taken the Microsoft MCSA 70-346 exam 2 times before but finally pass in my third attempt recently it’s just because of 70-346 practice questions guide. Which help me a lot in preparation. Most of real exam questions are from this 70-346 braindumps pdf. Some real questions I share here for you guys best of luck:

Your company deploys an Office 365 tenant.
You need to ensure that you can view service health and maintenance reports for the past seven days.
What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Subscribe to the Office 365 Service Health RSS Notifications feed.
B. View the service settings page of the Office 365 admin center.
C. Run the Microsoft Fast Track Tool.
D. View the service health current status page of the Office 365 admin center.
Correct Answer: AD

You have an Office 365 tenant that uses an Enterprise E3 subscription. You activate Azure Rights Management for the tenant.
You need to deploy Azure Rights Management for all users.
Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?
A. Enable-Aadrm
B. New-AadrmRightsDefinition
C. Enable-AadrmSuperUserFeature
D. Add-AadrmSuperUser
E. Set-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy
Correct Answer: A

You plan to deploy an Office 365 tenant to multiple offices around the country.
You need to modify the accounts that are authorized to administer the Rights Management service.
Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?
A. Enable-AadrmSuperUserFeature
B. Add-MsolGroupMember
C. Add-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator
D. Get-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator
Correct Answer: D

A company has an Office 365 tenant.
You need to ensure that Active Directory is ready for synchronization.
Which tool should you run?
A. IdFix
B. Office 365 Health, Readiness, and Connectivity Check
C. Microsoft RemoteConnectivity Analyzer Tool
D. Synchronization Service (MIISClient)
Correct Answer: A

You have an on-premises Exchange organization. The organization plans to migrate to Office 365.
You need to identify a group of users to designate as the pilot group.
Which factor makes a user a poor choice to be included in the pilot group?
A. users who use Android devices
B. users who are delegates for multiple mailboxes
C. users who need access to public folders on Exchange 2007 servers
D. users who receive fewer than 25 email messages per day
Correct Answer: C



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