Double your fun of visiting Jim Corbett with Jungle Activities Package Deals

This article gives a brief overview of various activities one can enjoy at Jim Corbett National Park.

India is endowed with climatic variations and geographical variations. This diverse landscape of India makes it the natural habitat of a wide range of flora and fauna. During past years numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national park have been established in India to preserve the endangered species. Scattered all over India, there are many National Park you can visit but if you are tiger lover and want to get a glimpse of White Tiger in its natural habitat then you must come to Jim Corbett at least once. Surrounded by majestic forests and hills, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest in Asia and the first one to fall under the Tiger Reserve project. Tourists and wildlife lovers across the world come to Corbett just to get a get a glimpse of these wild cats. Being the best place to view a very rich and diverse wildlife, this National Park is the first choice for wildlife photographers. But if you want to have a close look to this vast land and engage in various adventurous activities, you ought to find a Corbett resort near Kosi River. A resort that is elegant, luxurious, cozy and comfortable that can provide you peace after a long day.

Just connect with a resort where you can get exciting Jungle Activities Package Deals and have fun in this outstanding place. There are a lot many activities you can enjoy at Jim Corbett and few of them are Jungle safari, elephant safari, birding, fishing, rock climbing, River Rafting, River crossing, and bridge slithering. All these activities will make your Jim Corbett experience a thrilling and adventurous one. When you are making a reservation of the resort, you can also book these jungle activities package. These activities will give you a double dose of thrill. So, if you have a fair chance of giving yourself a special treat, you must take part in these activities. These activities will enable you to fight your fear, have an exciting experience and a memory that will last forever. Not all but few of these activities can also be performed by kids (if you are traveling with family). So, choose your resort and jungle activity package wisely for having fun-filled holidays.

That being said, there are many resorts you can book your stay and jungle activities but when it comes to the best don’t look further than IRIS resort. It is the most authentic and elite resort you can stay. IRIS resort offers hot deals on jungle activities package.





IRIS resorts is one of the most luxurious and fully furnished resorts that offers highly competitive Corbett Resorts Packages to all visitors.

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