Does Law Firms In Lahore Pakistan Coordinate With Other Law Firms

Law firms in Lahore itself comprises of set of lawyers so normally they do not coordinate with other law firms. Main reason and purpose of founding a law firm is that they can finish their work at its own but sometimes the need and demand of a case requires having coordination with other law firms in Pakistan. When a case is of such a nature that you don’t need to travel to other cities frequently then the law firms in Lahore Pakistan works at its own but if a case is of such nature that you have to frequently travel to other cities of Pakistan then a law firm in Lahore Pakistan may have coordination with other law firms in Pakistan. It’s all about how you manage your time and money. Some law firms in Lahore Pakistan has dedicated one of its lawyer to travel and manage the cases in other cities but still you may have a case which requires frequent travelling and dedicating a lawyer only for it may not serve the purpose.

For example if a multinational company or a real estate agency which has its brands or housing societies in different parts of Pakistan then obviously either you have to increase the number of lawyers for your law firm or get help from other law firms to save your time. If you have a case in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on a same date then obviously dedicating a lawyer from your law firm will not serve the purpose. In this situation you have to get coordination from other law firms. Sometimes when the clients themselves have lots of cases they also instead of relying on a single law firm in Pakistan they directly hire law firms in different cities of Pakistan. Law firms are not only hired by individuals or companies but our provincial and federal government also hires the services of law firms in Pakistan with good reputation. Name of some prestigious law firms in Lahore Pakistan are Nazia Law Associates and Aazad Law Associates. Services of these law firms are also hired by Punjab government for different projects.

Law firms like Aazad Law Associates and Nazia Law Associates are huge law firms in Lahore Pakistan and have good network all around the country. They have maximum numbers of lawyers who work for these law firms in Lahore Pakistan through which they manage and cover the whole country. These law firms in Lahore Pakistan have dedicated lawyers operating all over the country so they don’t need coordinate with other law firms. Normally these two law firms works in the city of Lahore only but when the nature of case is crucial or when the client is big like provincial government then they use their connections and get services of their lawyers working for their law firms. Having coordination with other law firms is good. It is not necessary that you always get coordination but at least a law firm should be in touch with law firms so that may coordinate with each other when ever required.



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