Does Artificial Grass Look Real?


Gone are the days when the shiny lawns signalled fake grass. When compared to the artificial grass that was available a decade before, todays product doesn’t even look like the same one. Yes, industry innovation and advanced techniques are the driving force behind current design. In fact, today’s synthetic turf look realistic.

How artificial grass looks real?

There are lots of factors that make artificial grass look real and here are they.

Materials and technology

This is one of the significant reasons why artificial turf looks like a natural one. The advancements in technology allow for different blade construction. While older synthetic grass would fade over time, today’s grass is constructed from polyurethane and given U.V coating to prevent fading in the intense heat.

Moreover, new techniques allow utilising polymers and compounds to combat the reflective nature of poly grass blade. It is the poly blades that enable variation needed to create realistic artificial grass. The different shades create a turf that looks exactly like the natural one. It is the materials and technologies used influences the synthetic grass cost.


If you take a closer look at your natural lawn, you will see a brown layer near the roots. This layer is called thatch, and it consists of dead and living shoots and stems. Every lawn will have this layer, and it acts as a cushion to reduce the impact of running or playing sport on the lawn. Another primary factor that makes artificial turf look like real grass is the thatch. Yes, you could see a layer of thatch in the artificial turf as well. Thatch also comes in a range of colours to choose from and the synthetic grass installers Sydney will be able to advice on what type of density is right for your property.

Proper care

Although artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, you still have to maintain it. In fact, proper care is one of the ways to ensure your fake grass look good for years. Depending on how much foot traffic the turf receives, you have to groom it occasionally. Cleaning your lawn regularly increase its lifespan and also help to keep it looking fresh throughout the year.

If synthetic grass installation cost Sydney is your major concern, get a quote from several fake grass installers and choose the one that suits your budget. Not all synthetic turf is created equally. So, fake grass installation Sydney is crucial to make it look realistic. If you are fed up with maintaining your lawns, it is time to investing in artificial grass.

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