Do you know the school system in China?

The education system of China has been changing gradually. It learns from western countries’ systems about their advantages and takes out the negative parts in its own system. But it is still considered as one of the most difficult and challenging systems in the world.

Most of the schools in China emphasis on subjects such as Math and Chinese. However, some importance is also given to creative expression. If you are a parent, you might be curious about how it is like. Children who learn Mandarin must also want to know how their peers in China do in schools!

To become a graduate, its mandate for students to pass graduation examinations in the subjects of Chinese and Math. A typical school year in China comprises two semesters and runs from the month of September to July. Students attend classes five days a week and primary school education has nine compulsory courses, which includes Chinese, Math, Social Studies, Nature, Physical Education, Ideology and Morality, Music, Fine Art, and Labor Studies.

The education system of China is contains different levels, about three years of kindergarten, six years of primary school and lastly, three years of secondary education. The same is further followed by few years of higher education. There are local education authorities and even private enterprises that generally run kindergarten and primary schools.

After the completion of lower middle school, students can choose to enter either academic senior secondary school or vocational senior secondary school. Vocational senior secondary programs last for three or four years.

Whether you admit your child in a state school or an international school, you should gear up and prepare yourself to undergo a very difficult and competitive admission procedure. The tuition fee of Chinese schools is also quite high.



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