Do you know that Apple spend more time on the iPhone screen?


Nowadays, smartphones become the necessities product in our personal life, which play the important roles to make our life much convenience. We use the smartphones a lot, so we notice that the smartphone has varieties of weakness. The internal of the smartphone includes many sophisticated electrical circuit board and sensor. Recent year, the size of the screen become bigger and bigger, but the customers are really interesting on the big screen. I’d like to throw a question to you. That is do you know that Apple spend more time on the iPhone screen.


However, the big size of the smartphone is much weakness than the regular size because of the screen. We already looked at the a few video on YouTube and other social media about a different kind of broken screen. Most sellers want to attract the customers. They have provided some advertising such as strength X ion. We know that the cell phone screen is made of the glass.  Even though the material of the glass is not very low quality, it is very easy to break. Most buyers usually will put one lovely cell phone case to protector the smartphone, but when falling down the ground, the smartphones are very easy to destroy especially the screen part. Today, high-end smartphones Apple, they notice this aspect problem from the beginning of iPhone 4 generation. They achieve the ultimate in their own quality of cell phone screen and other aspects. For the screen, they really spend more attention to making the screen stronger. Now, the writer will review and find out what Apple have done for the protection of the screen.


Sensors can be controlled

In March 2013, Apple and United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) submitted a patent entitled “Electronic Equipment Protection Mechanisms.” This patent contained several iPhone and other electronic equipment to prevent being broken approach. On the one hand, the device comes with detecting the height and speed of mobile phones dropped and then adjusting the direction of the body.  Cell phones and other products can readjust its position when the falling down, so that the cell phones and other products can go to ruggedness positions such as a corner or on the back. To perform this function, the device has to need with a “protection mechanism.” For instance,   the device needs to change the direction of a compressed gas canister body and also meet the needs sensitive of a variety of sensors. Those two basic protections could minimums the broken screen. On the other hand, the speed of falling down could slow down such as a parachute when cell phone drops off. To implement this function, protection mechanisms needs to trigger similar function like a propeller, which will be minimum the speed of falling down. However, this concept could more affect the appearance, which the aesthetics will have some impact.


Four Corner Protector

This is also an approval by the US Patent Office. The basic concept of this patent is iPhone or other technology devices can have many scalable tags. When the system of the cell phone is activated, it will automatically extend four buffers to the top of the screen and is higher a little than other parts. This function could reduce the probability of contact between the screen and the ground. In some cases, this protection may be formed in a curved top of the screen and absorbed the energy of falling. In addition, Apple has already invented many aspects of intelligent shock absorber design.  These curved designs can be made the screen much stable with the cell phone.  Meanwhile, it makes the different material help the screen stable. Apple indicates to contain polymers; thin metal sheet and other composite materials can be used. The internal uses similar gear transmission mechanism. Each motor is connected to a pinion, and then many opinions can connect with each other.  The purpose of this function wants to become the local rotary movement into a linear or you can directly connect iPhone screen interface. By positioning sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes or environmental sensor, level sensor and etc. Those parts can possible test the cell phone falling condition. Besides that, Apple said that even the camera can be identified by special software to activate the distance of the ground for the falling protection. Meanwhile, a built-in audio component can detect the speed of falling, which can be activated by the ultrasonic pulse reflection issue. When the sensor detects that the cell phone was going down, the extender of the protector will come out to absorb the energy. After that, the system will re-use to detect motion stopping. Once fell over, the protection of screen will be back to the default condition. From the above-described analysis, this technology is still very practical in the screen protection. Even Apple spend so many on iPhone screen, there still have too many iPhone users broke their iPhone screen, I don’t break, but my girlfriend already replaces iPhone 6 plus LCD more than twice.


Thus, Apple has spent more attention to protecting the screen operation. However, most those patents still stay at the patent level. Apple has to strengthen all aspects of cooperation between hardware, software and sensors. Meanwhile, the exterior of the hardware could have a lot of changing. We hope Apple can provide the real aesthetic, practical, safety and perfect which combine together the mobile phone. A sensible decision needed to be made by you for iPhone 6 plus LCD screen digitizer.



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