Do Flowers Make You Feel Better?


Yes! A study shows that “people who are exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower rates of pain and anxiety, and more positive feelings those who are not.” Besides, the findings from research suggest that “fresh flowers could be complementary medicine for recovering patients.” Flowers can adorn your home, and they make a fabulous gift. However, there is a lot more fresh flowers can do than brightening someone’s day.

Here is how fresh flowers can make you feel better:-

Purifies the air

Do you know some flowering plants can filter and clean the indoor air? Yes, according to a study, flowers like Gerberas, Peace Lilies, and Bromelias can help remove the harmful toxins from the air as they release a large amount of oxygen. So, flowers not only look fresh and add beauty to space, they actually can freshen up the air as well.

Help reduce stress

Recent studies show that flowers have a higher stress-relieving impact than other elements. A Harvard study noted that people who had placed fresh flowers around their homes in locations where they could be seen daily experienced higher compassion towards other people and an increase in their mood. Having fresh flowers in your home or office can significantly reduce stress and make you feel better. If you feel your space is filled with negative energy, carefully placed blooms could help. Order a bouquet of fresh blooms and have it delivered through flower delivery Lafayette CO service.

Complement a room’s decor

One of the greatest things about flowers is that they come in a range of shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter the interior design of a space, you can find blooms that complement the décor of your house. In fact, blooms are the perfect way to complement your household designs or help rethink the interior look of your home. The florists in the flower shops in Lafayette CO can help you choose blooms based on the type of preferences and styles that you are trying to achieve.

Help you physically heal

Patients who were placed in rooms containing fresh flowers after surgery had more positive responses than those who are not, according to a study. The same patients also reported lower levels of pain. If your loved one is at the hospital, send get-well flowers using the same day flower delivery Lafayette CO to help them recover soon.

Isn’t that amazing what a simple floral arrangement can do to your well-being? Yes, all you need is a vase, a carefully chosen bouquet, and water to make it happen.

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