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Divorce Law In Lahore Pakistan And Procedure Of Divorce In Pakistan

Their was a time when when speaking about divorce procedure in Pakistan was unethical. Lahore is one of the main metropolitan city of the Pakistan and mostly educated people reside here but still in the period of 90’s speaking about procedure of divorce In Pakistan was something very unusual and considered nearly to be a sin in the city. The parents after the wedding of their daughter taught them not to take divorce and bear the hardships is comes to you. Parents after wedding of their daughter never used to look them back and due to these reasons many of the times the wife have to suffer the hardship but they never conveyed the same to their parents for the reason that their upbringings were done on this philosophy. This is the reason sometimes the wife have to suffer the brutal acts of her husband also. Many cases were reported in the city of Lahore in the past and some of them belonged to the group of heinous crimes like physical torture, acid burning. Many of the occasions the wife’s were not even maintained by their husbands which resulted in serious issues. Most of the times these issues were not even reported to the police or concerned authorities. Divorce in Lahore Pakistan was like a nightmare in the past because the court were also conscious in pronouncing divorce in Lahore Pakistan.

Today Divorce procedure in Pakistan is easy. The number of divorce in Lahore Pakistan has increased to the extent which had never increased before. This is both positive and negative sign for divorce in Lahore Pakistan. The negative part is that the ratio of divorce in Lahore Pakistan is increasing day by day and the positive part is that now a wife has started learning stop for the cruel acts of husband. In the past the divorce in Lahore Pakistan was used a tool by the husbands that if the wife says something he will divorce the wife but now the wife has started saying that if a husband crosses his limit she will get a divorce. A female today has learned to say a big NO to the husbands which sometimes are also misused by the wife but a nowadays the wife are not reluctant to divorce in Pakistan. The tool which was first used by the husband and now in the hands of females and the females of Lahore are exercising this tool very efficiently.  A very famous divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan Advocate Nazia says that she files nearly one thousand case related to divorce within a year and there is not only one lawyer in Lahore there are in thousands. As per the report of diary branch of family court in Lahore nearly one lac divorce cases were filed in the year of 2017. This increasing numbers of divorce cases in Lahore shows that now the females are not reluctant to get divorce in Pakistan and this is due to many factors and the most attractive factor is the education and liberalism prevailing in the city of Lahore



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