Digital Marketing in China: Tips to Remember

China is one country that you cannot choose to ignore when it comes to economic development and business opportunities. A country with sprawling economy and immense population, China is the perfect region for companies that are seeking expansion. However, penetrating the Chinese market is no cakewalk at all. Digital marketing is certainly one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers in China. Here is a list of tips to follow for successful digital marketing in China.

1. Get a .cn domain for your site

Though it is not mandatory, it is beneficial to have your site a .cn domain and host the site locally. Sites which are locally from China are given more preference by the government and even the search engines like Baidu. It is a fact that Chinese sites that have a .cn domain rank higher in the Baidu SERPs. Thus, for smart digital marketing in China, start with this step.

2. Be fluent in Mandarin

If you want to penetrate the Chinese market, you cannot do so with the English language. Your website, the contents on your site, your social media handles, your ads…. all of these are supposed to be in the local language that is Mandarin. Rather than having content just poorly translated to Mandarin, transcreate content specifically for Chinese users if you want to do good with digital marketing in China.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

When it comes to adoption of digital technology, China ranks way higher than most of the western countries. 81% of the internet users in China access internet services using a mobile device. Thus your digital marketing strategies have to be mobile centered to have greater impact and achieve the desired results. Be it your website or the content you create, remember the fact that digital marketing in China is largely mobile driven.

4. Be Social

It is not just the adoption of mobile devices but the adoption of social media too is higher in China. However, one must note that all the traditional social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are blocked. China has its own social media platform like Weibo, Wechat, Qzone, QQ, Renren and Youku Tudou on which people are pretty active. For successful digital marketing in China, focus on these local social media platforms and engage the audience with localized content.

5. Be Relevant

Another tip for success with digital marketing in China is relevance. Chinese customers respect marketing initiatives that are relevant to them and personalized in some way. China is a huge country with immense population. Given that digital marketing is mobile driven, a marketer has better opportunities to target better and stay relevant to the Chinese customers.


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