Different Types of Fiber Patch Cords and Their Uses

Fiber Optic Jumpers, also known as fiber patch cords, are used for connecting the fiber optic equipment with information outlets, interconnects and fiber optic cross-connects. Fiber Optic Technology has advanced a lot for the past few years increasing the utility of Fiber Patch Cords.

Quite similar to transceiver modules that can be categorized into different types and standards, these cables can also be obtained in different types including Simplex/Duplex, Armored Patch Cord, MPO/MTP cable, etc.  Let us know more about Fiber Optic Patch Cords and their uses.
Understanding their types and uses

Fiber patch cords can be majorly divided into two types:

1.  Single mode
2.  Multimode

Duplex and Simplex are the two other types of fiber optic patch cables.

Uses of Single Mode Fiber Cord

The single mode fiber patch cord is used when one needs to transmit high capacity voice applications remotely. This involves telephone transmission or long distance gigabit networking. These patch cords are capable of using 9/125 micron bulk fiber cables and connectors at both ends.

Uses of Multimode fiber cord

The application of multimode fiber patch cords is mostly seen in computer industry for local and wide area network. These patch cords can be obtained in 50µm and 62.5µm. As compared to the traditional twisted pair copper cable, the multiple fiber patch cables are made to offer more bandwidth and high speed. They are compatible with all types of standard fiber optic equipment and offer high reliability and better immunity in dealing with electromagnetic interference.

Utility in multiple industries

The application of Fiber Patch Cords is prevalent in all types of industries including LAN applications, Cable TV networks, medical engineering, mechanical engineering etc. These cords provide a superior quality signal transfer without any disturbances and provide a lot of convenience when utilized with internet, telephones, cables, audio applications etc. If you want a distortion free video or audio transmission, these are perfect.

Understanding Other Types

Simplex fiber optic patch cables

These fiber optic patch cords are made by using a single fiber and are used in applications that need one way transfer of data. Simplex fiber can be obtained in single as well as multimode.

Duplex fiber optic patch cable

Duplex fiber optic patch cord cable has two fibers in a zip cord arranged side by side. The single and duplex fiber optic cables are used with applications that need a continuous and bi-directional data transfer. Fiber switches, fiber modems, servers, workstations etc require duplex cable.

Polished optic cords

In order to reduce back reflection, the fiber patch cords are polished and designed into different shapes. Polishing is of utmost importance with single mode applications. -30dB, -40dB, -50dB and -60dB etc are some of the back reflection types of cords. In order to stay safe from fiber patch cords, you can use tie wrap, kink and bend radius.

We hope that by now, you must have understood the utility and importance of fiber patch cords. There are further types and subtypes of these cords. You can conduct more research based on your utility to know about them or get in touch with the experts.




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