Developing & Marketing Travel Portals: Things to Remember

The travel industry is booming and why not, traveling is a lifestyle choice of a huge population of the world sans the age group. Numerous small and medium travel agencies have started their business on the digital platform to reach wider audience and do business globally. Well, how good is your travel company if your business hasn’t reached all corners of the world? However, creating a global impression in the travel business is a tough nut to crack. The competition is tough and a lot, often small businesses have to compete with major players in the industry, which overshadows their efforts and no matter how good they are, they fail to do business and have to close shop.

To address this, business owners have to be very careful while developing their travel platform from the initial steps of designing and development to every single step of the digital marketing process. The problem occurs when businesses and their digital marketing strategies are not on the same page. Case in point, one such travel agency approached SG Intellect for social media marketing in Phoenix, Arizona. The CEO, Edwards, had already tried launching his website and doing a digital campaign around it but had failed to generate appropriate returns on investment. Although his marketing campaign was weak, his resolve to do business was not. We had a conversation with Jake to understand his previous strategies, his business ideas and what he expects from us. Being the leading Travel Portals Development Agency in Phoenix, we sent him a few mock-ups for the redesigning of his website. Once he approved the design and explained the customization, we went on to develop a user-friendly, lag-free and SEO compliant travel portal. Our content team worked alongside Edwards to develop unique and catchy content with precisely targeted keywords. Our approach is to address search engine ranking parameters from the very beginning of the process so that the chances of getting penalized by Google are reduced. This is what makes us a great SEO Company in Phoenix.

Once we developed the website we went on to create an app that had user friendly interface and ease of access. For local App Store Optimization in Phoenix, we targeted a set of pre-planned keywords and accelerated the marketing process within a day. A few PPC campaigns later, we (our client) were ranking top in the local search result and were on the first page in global results. We then focused our strategy to reach more audience globally. Over a period of six months, we had already topped the search results in more than 12 countries.  What makes us different than any other agency is that we are a full service design, development, and digital marketing agency so we can formulate clear and consistent strategies that are sustainable for long term businesses.

We employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data and problems with numbers. The use of AI Tools eliminates the risk of error and makes our campaign strategies precise. Our talented pool of developers, writers, designers and brand makers collaborate together to create efficient products and services in the Travel industry.






There are literally thousands of digital marketing, website design and development agencies in the digital universe. However, most of these agencies lack the basic infrastructure and technology to run successful digital marketing campaigns or search engine optimization services. SG Intellect was formed to bridge the gap between businesses and digital marketing in a hassle-free, quick and efficient manner. At SG Intellect, we pride ourselves in creating a diverse pool of talented resources and an armory of cutting edge tools and technology that simplifies digital marketing, website design & development for businesses across the globe.

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