Developers’ Note 6.9 – The Long Awaited Female Characters

In our last Dev Note we provided a brief tease of our upcoming female characters, and many players have been eagerly anticipating their arrival. We can confirm that the Tiger knight team are working around the clock to bring these new female characters to the battlefield as soon as possible! In today’s Dev Note we’d like to shed some more light on what you can expect to see when they finally appear.

Once the decision was made to include female characters, the development team thought long and hard about the best way to incorporate them into the existing game. In the end we agreed that the female character’s design and appearance should fit the demands of the battlefield, first and foremost. As a result, they may not exhibit the over-exaggerated aesthetics that you may have seen from female characters in other games, but instead possess the unique charm of a badass woman general stepping out onto the field of battle.

Female characters in empire war games Tiger Knight will have a smaller profile than those of their male counterparts, and will be less vulnerable to ranged attacks. However they also have important disadvantages, such as reduced health pools, and as they weigh less than their male counterparts they are more likely to be knocked down during hand-to-hand combat.

At this point in time, we have basically finished the female equipment for Wei, Shu and Wu, however the specialized fashion for them and the Roman female equipment are still in development. Our vision is to create true women warriors for the battlefields of Tiger Knight. On release, you can choose to set up a new character or reselect the gender of your existing character in order to create your desired female face.

This wraps up today’s extended introduction of the female characters. For more content updates, please keep an eye out for our next developers’ note!



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