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A Dell EMC solutions architect has updated the VxRail PEQ with Customer Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch details. On which worksheet would they need to be to generate a new NVT JSON file?
A. Engagement Details
B. Networking Details
C. Customer
D. VxRail Cluster
Answer: D

What is the minimum number of VxRail hosts required if FTT = 1 and FTM is set to Erasure Coding?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: C

A failure occurs during the deployment of a VxRail cluster. You need to look through the marvin.log file to see what could be causing the error.Where is this file located?
A. var/log/vmware/marvin
B. var/log/vmware
C. var/log/vmware/marvin/tomcat/logs
D. var/log/mystic
Answer: C

The vSAN Health Check of a VxRail cluster is reporting errors about the stats.db object.What could be a possible cause of this problem?
A. vSAN Health Service is disabled
B. vSAN Performance Service is not enabled
C. vSAN Performance Service is not enabled on one of the ESX nodes
D. There are inaccessible/unhealthy vSAN objects
Answer: B

After the installation of a VxRail cluster, the vSAN Health Check shows a hardware compatibility warning.Where can detailed information about this health check and its resolution be found?
A. VMware Knowledge Base
B. VxRail Manager Help
C. Dell EMC Knowledge Base
D. vCenter Server Help
Answer: A

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