Customized Zinc Top to Meet Your Requirements

You can easily change the entire look of your personal space with a zinc bar top. It is a highly preferred option by restaurant and bar owners, the tops are easy to install and look great in any design. They are ideal for contemporary chic to luxurious retail. The custom made bar tops is suitable for your home and can be shipped to your door. You simply need to specify your requirements based on which the bar tops can be customized. The section of zinc will be laminated to wood substrates which are bolt together to enable quick and easy installation. A zinc top can easily blend into any theme in your bar. It is a durable material which does not require a lot of maintenance or cleaning. The top can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. Luxury casinos use the bar tops which add an aesthetic appeal to the space and make it easy to maintain. It provides for a long lasting surface and an ever changing finish.

Zinc is an element which is present in abundance and in no time it will look like it has been present on your bar for decades. It is important to understand what zinc does in a bar environment. It carries a changing finish which means it will not look as good as new for a long time. Only in a couple of months, you will notice a difference in the element and it will react with the environment. Every element that blends with zinc will have a role to play in what your bar top may look like. Your bar will gain a living patina within a month which is the best way to let zinc react to the environment. It adds to the elegance and grace of the bar top. Zinc is a reactive metal which means it will have an impact of every element that touches it. You can opt for a patina to be applied which will cost you on the higher side but it may not be the best choice for a public bar.

Based on your personal choice and requirement, the bar top can be customized and it will be delivered at your doorstep with care. The installation of the same is quick and easy and so is maintenance. Since it is a durable element, there will not be any requirement for the replacement of the same for many years to come. You will be able to host parties and entertain guests at your bar for a long time. Impress your guests with a classic ever changing zinc bar top customized to your requirements.


Mio Metals, Inc provides standard and custom sized zinc countertops, table tops, bar tops, double bowl sinks, drain board sinks, apron front sinks, and zinc shelves for houses, bars, restaurants, cafe etc. To know more, visit



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