Customize Relics with Netherlight Crucible in WOW Patch 7.3

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3 is in full swing on PTR. It introduced a new way to customize new or existing Relics, called Netherlight Crucible. To unlock some Relic Upgrade Tiers, you may need gain more Artifact Points. Feel free to buy cheap wow gold on safewow and continue to collecting AP.

How to unlock WOW Netherlight Crucible

To unlock the crucible, players must complete all of the quests in Krokuun and Mac’Aree. When An Offering of Shadow is complete, the crucible unlocks.?

Three tiers of WOW Netherlight Crucible

Clicking “Attune” on the relics will open up a three-tier trait tree. The traits have a Holy (Light) / Shadow (Dark) path and are chosen via RNG in each tier.
Tier 1: Netherlight Fortification is the same for every class and upgrades your Artifact up to +15 ilvls.
Tier 2: There are two options for each relic slot. Each Relic Tier comes with one shadow and one holy trait option. Note: the two traits are different based on the different specs.
Tier 3: there will be three options per relic slot. It seems that one trait will be connected to the Shadow path, another to the Light path, and the middle “Neutral” trait to either path.

Other notices

1. Netherlight Crucible can be found on the Vindicaar.
2. A new Legendary item, Insignia of the Grand Army, would be added to wow patch 7.3. This legendary item will in some way interact with the Netherlight Crucible.
3. You need to grind more AP to unlock some Relic Upgrade Tiers.

WOW Patch 7.3 is still in beta. We will keep you posted once more information is unveiled about it. Besides, we hope this introduction of Netherlight Crucible is helpful for you to get ready for wow 7.3.

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