Custom Furniture: Less Explored Options

The term ‘custom made’ often brings to mind something that is pricey, luxurious, and expensive. Many home owners who build new homes or renovate their existing ones look to such tailor-made furniture as a solution to their needs of size, unique design, quality material, and other specifications that cannot be matched by mass made pieces. Sofas, coffee tables, TV stands, side tables, vanities, beds – almost any kind of furniture can be made custom made. Here are few less-explored options that can be commissioned.

Bench seating

Bench seats, which are attached to the wall or floor, usually need to be custom made. They maybe commissioned as additions to existing seating or be used alone. The benefit of such customized seating options is that you get to build one of exact height and measurements that matches the dimensions of the space where you need it in. You also get to pick the right kind of foam, fabric, batting, and detailing to create one that lasts long while looking and feeling just the way, you want it to be.

Corner sectionals

Seating that flanks the corners of a room is difficult to find in readymade or ready-to-fit formats. Different houses and rooms are built differently. The corner seating needed maybe for a curved space or one that has an unusual shape. While it maybe possible to fill the space with individual sofas and chairs, or a combination of larger seats, a custom-made sectional utilizes the space to the maximum and gives it a neat, well-built look. In fact, these sectionals give you better options than the basic chair, table, and lamp, taking advantage of what the space has to offer.

Bathroom vanities

There exist many readymade bathroom vanities that can be fitted right into the bath or powder rooms in your home. But, most often than not, the requirements in such spaces are that you find it more cost-effective to commission a vanity of your choice than pick something built in bulk. Custom made vanities are extremely helpful when the plumbing work or layout of the bathroom cannot accommodate a regular, off- the-store vanity.

Kitchen cabinets and panels

Kitchens are spaces that vary the most in design from one house to another. Custom made kitchen cabinets are a great solution to the unique needs in the prep and dining area. Not just cabinets, the kitchens benefit from bespoke fittings in the form of kitchen panels. These form decorative and visual elements, the components or units of which are hard to find in a ready to install format.

Personalized storage

Every room in the home needs some form of storage or the other. For such spaces with a personal touch, the custom route is the best option. Be it fitting simple racks on to walls, or creating an entire armoire, commissioning furniture that suits the area is indeed the best choice, for it caters to space constraints as well as personal style needs.


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