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Shark and the. Spitting thing that’s what really messes me up and then all that all that jazz check this board I’m in the middle of something right now little bit a, little bit in the middle something don’t mean to be rude but. I’m kind of doing something all right this part every time dude every time every time oh that’s rough oh you, could duck on that that’s the first time cuphead download I do so first I’m hearing of this so first I’m hearing of this see this is why this is why, srimad me as I learned stuff I realize that I’m playing like an idiot. oh hello hello oh yeah no no ohh woof numbers got me yeah I’m sinister up to you, hi Jeffrey the heck is Jeffrey some Jacob how are you oh no can’t see playing like an. Epic gamer I don’t know if that sarcasm or not that freaking shark I hate when, the shark shows up you get too close to that all right he’s gone Ben John oh no.

I get you by Jeffrey I was I was supposed to be Jordan or Jonathan or something no supposed, to be Jordan dude that’s so much easier I don’t even need to do that I don’t even, need to do that that’s so much easier you get a minus now I practice practice this running gun, so much we’re going to spread and chase her on this guy till we stay, at 99 deaths just not die for the rest of the game yo what’s up yo, bro hey now I kind of I kind of want to get filled up my meter is there’s a part in here that I just get bodied dude. All right cool somehow I got that no damage run no death run would be, actually probably no deaths one wouldn’t be that bad you beat the bonbon yeah I want that Barry okay cool Oh No mr. Krabs mr. Krabs send your crabs. I know you like to use but have I’ve not been watching the Sixers oh no you keep it , alright now this part this is what was destroying, my life I even kill that thing oh yeah but I didn’t use chaser on this part, why would I not oh my god why would I not use chaser it’s so much easier I’m. Popping it I’m popping it easy-peasy so that’s what happens when you actually practice like I’ve, done I died like 50 times off screen and that made it look like I knew what I was doing I, may – do they – all right I’ll do the mausoleum new mausoleum I don’t even know what’s cuphead download up here can I do anything up here, I don’t even know what that one that that’s a ghost ship I think I don’t know, if that one is oh the smooth jazz yeah so we’re getting to some. That I haven’t even seen yet so it’s gonna be bad it’s gonna be real bad see the Muslim name I’m utterly if they implement xbox alive if the achievements that I’ve earned already.

Would go over to the Xbox so I’m definitely further in the switch version than I was on Xbox go boys no, dude what no i was pairing the crap, out of you sight you guys are freaking booking it these ones aren’t too bad I don’t like the grandpa one and I owe and the twirlers oh I got that one dang, that was pretty dang good, the trawlers are my least favorite oh crap oh my god is so close oh not victory yet victory all right that’s your bed Joker’s doping smashing things, huh I hear he is so annoying to play against because this can’t I hate his counters heat the counter so, much yeah we are we beating this tonight probably not all right this guy was giving me issues this guy was gonna, be I didn’t beat him on my other playthrough I also don’t want this. Loadout either do not want the loadout for this thing I’m Pepe the clown the final phase with the Penguins yeah I’ll go I’ll go, peashooter and chase her on this one spread and sharp eye I don’t use charge I can’t use charge like I know this, one’s probably the best for charge but I I just can’t do it my brain doesn’t.



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