Creating a Landscaped Garden That’s Both Beautiful and Practical

Everybody wants a beautiful garden but it shouldn’t be at the expense of it being practical. You don’t need to be governed by rules and guidelines that are too constraining but you do need to have some basic and clear ideas that you should always stick to. Below we have come up with eight basic pointers that will help you to create a garden that is both beautiful and practical.

  1. Consider the size of your garden

There is something known as the law of enclosure which is when the vertical edge of a space is 30% of the horizontal space and it is aimed at ensuring that you don’t feel too inhibited. This will give you a sense of how high hedges, walls or fences should be before they become too intrusive on your personal space. It is important that get the correct balance between feeling enclosed and safe but not constricted.

  1. Follow the regulating line

This is an architectural principle that involves the projecting of lines from existing buildings or structures, a swimming pool or even a prominent tree. If you stick to this principle you will be able arrange cohesive and organised planting. This will help to give a sense of structure to your garden than will certainly add to the practicality.

  1. Keep things in proportion

Yes, you want your garden to look beautiful but this can make it become cluttered and unmanageable. Don’t overdo with flowers or features but at the same time, something that is too minimalist can be perceived as lacking character. Just keeping thinking that just “can have a little bit of everything in moderation.”

  1. Use the correct height for steps

If you are planning on including steps in your garden you need to follow the basic rule that twice the height of the riser plus the tread should equal 26 inches. This will keep the steps safe for users whilst at the same time still appearing to be attractive.

  1. Size matters

Although we have already said don’t overdo things, it always pays to go big where space permits. This includes pools, arbors and potted plants. In our experience, we have rarely heard some say a pool is too big or an arbor too tall. Trust us, this is one from experience.

  1. Plant big to small

Always start with the larger plants such as shrubs first before you start to think about covering the ground. This is for a good reason, larger plants will cause more disturbance so to minimise damage it is always best to get them in first.

  1. Plant in masses

It is sensible to bed plants in masses otherwise they can appear a little sparse. Seeing one daisy plant, for instance, will be neither beautiful nor practical but if you have a few they will add to the character of your garden.

  1. Finally!

It doesn’t matter how good a plant is if it is not planted well such as at the correct height and at the appropriate depth. If you remember this then you will be along way towards achieving a beautiful and practical garden

Achieving a beautiful and practical garden is very achievable if you follow these 8 simple rules. We all want our outdoor spaces to be something to be proud of something to be proud and this will point you in the right direction!

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