Cool Apparel Ideas for Little and Big Sisters of Kappa Delta

The bond between the little and big sisters is one the most important and cherished relationships built through your sorority life. As members of Kappa Delta, you and your sister work towards children’s causes and supporting children’s organization. All through these events or during the little sister-big sister week, it’s great to go twinning with the same kind of Kappa Delta apparel and accessories. Here are a few ideas to try out on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Bold lettering

Let the world know that you are sorority sisters with simple, coordinated white t-shirts. Use a simple yet fun font or graphic design with two to three colors to emblazon the words ‘Little’ and ‘Big’ on your respective t-shirts. For a sparkling touch, choose a foil print instead of matte colors. There you go – your perfect coordinated set is ready for the little-big week, rush week, recruitment drives, charities, fundraisers, and so much more.

Empowering quote

It’s amazing to be a girl, and it’s even better to have a little or big sister. Show this with a quote t-shirt, which professes your love not just for your Greek organization but also for your sorority sister. Choose a pastel colored top and embellish it with a monochrome print design, with the Greek letters of Kappa Delta in front and an inspirational quote on the back. Remember to use this design on a t-shirt for maximum visibility and best aesthetic appeal.

Pop star design

Music and artist-based designs are trending in Greek apparel right now, so why not use it to create something special for yourself and your sister? Pick up an image of a pop star, a musical instrument, or a rock band that the two of you love equally. Translate this into a graphic design that can be printed on to a ladies’ top. Add the text ‘Little’ and ‘Big’ to this design, plus a funky quote on the back. The two of you have the perfect Kappa Delta clothing to twin in at the next sorority gathering.

Floral wreaths

Use the classic floral wreath pattern with multicolor flowers to express the bond and affection with your sorority sister through a custom tank top. Use an artistic font in a single color to embellish the inside of the wreath with words that say who’s the little and who’s the big one. Your everyday coordinate tank top is ready.

Dancing girls

How about twinning with the exact same shirt customized for just the two of you? Pick up your favorite top – a t-shirt, tank, sweatshirt, or hoodie – and decorate it with a print design of the ‘little’ and ‘big’ dancing twins. Choose a color that’s your favorite or which is unique to the two of you. Add the name of your chapter right above the print or on the back. Finish a personal touch, print also the name of your little and big sister on each other’s tops. You have the perfect Kappa Delta apparel gift for the holidays and something that you will cherish owning for a lifetime.


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