Condensing Units and Its Usage

Each condensing units undergo a process known as condensation. It converts any substance from its gaseous state to a liquid state. Two main factors which are responsible for this change of matter are the pressure and temperature of the substance. One of the examples of condensation that occurs in our day to day life is, we may have noticed a fog or small droplets of water in the mirror after taking a hot shower. The reason behind this is, the water in the air that is the water vapour is formed due to a hot shower and when this gas contacts the cold mirror, a change in its temperature leads the water vapour to condense and turns it to the liquid state which can be seen as a water drops in the mirror.

Copper Condensing Coil

There are many materials available to make a condensing coil, among them copper has several advantages.

  • In Copper condensing coil, the copper metal which naturally has a heat transfer coefficient higher than other metals, it is a better choice among coil metal as the transfer of heats takes place in the coils.
  • In order to minimize the cost of copper coils, thinner copper coils are widely being manufactured nowadays.
  • Copper coils are easy to repair, and they are much stronger which gives them long durability.
  • Usually, the condensing coils are placed in an outside unit, it is exposed to dust and harsh climates especially corrosion damages are higher in humid climates near salty water bodies. Copper condensing coils are easy to clean and maintain and give extended life.

Role of Condensing Units across Industries

Some of the home appliances that use Condensing Unit are refrigerators, and air conditioners and these can be used for industrial purposes as well as in power stations.

  • Refrigerator

Here a heat pump, mostly an electric motor which is present inside a condensing unit, is responsible for a change in the temperature from low to high. There are many types of refrigerator condensers like natural draft condenser, where the condenser is placed at back of the refrigerator. Forced air condenser, in which it is placed under the fridge with a fan placed besides it, and there are automatic defrost refrigerators which have a Never Clean condense type as they are safely set inside the compressor which requires less maintenance.

  • Air Conditioner 

In air conditioning units, the condenser is placed in the outdoor unit along with the cooling fans, tubes and a compressor. The outside air is sucked through these fans and converts to cold air into the house through a special coolant. 

  • Role of Condenser in Industrial Use – Thermal Power Station

In Thermal Power Generation, Steam Turbines is vital equipment. In that Turbine Scheme, condensers are used to convert steam after utilization for the running of Turbines, into water facilitating the recycling process in Boilers.

For cooling in the condenser, circulating water at low temperatures is used as cooling media. Thus, condensers are also used to save the water consumption by recycling the water which prevents from using the fresh water each time.

Condensing coils need to have regular maintenance in order to have an effective result and function correctly for a long duration. Get professional help to clean the condenser coil to avoid any inefficient performance or shortened system life.



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