Come and Participate in Combat & Slayer with Free runescape gold Dec.17

Did you enjoy yourself in Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing last weekend? This week, we will move to the third weekend of RuneScape Winter Weekends 2018 – Combat & Slayer. The 3rd weekend of the RuneScape Winter Weekends, Combat & Slayer, is absolutely a good chance to improve your skills with Free runescape gold for sale . There will be an increase in both Slayer Experience and anima you will get. Embrace the increased EX, drops, loots and other benefits this weekend. And you can also get more cheap RS 07 gold here.

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The Winter Weekend #3 will last from 12:00 UTC on Friday Dec. 14 to 12:00 UTC on Monday Dec. 17. During the specific time, you will gain a lot benefits on Combat & Slayer. It will be a good chance to improve your skills.

Benefits from the Third Winter Weekend

During the weekend, first, all Slayer assignments will be treated like using a Slayer VIP ticket, which will grant you one more choice when you choose an assignment. Second, you can also enjoy 10% cheaper instance fees, which will allow you to create more instance. What’s more, you will have a right to choose your Boss Slayer assignments.

Besides, you will enjoy a 25% increase in Slayer experience, and 50% more anima from Shatter Worlds. And you will have one chance to loot from Mazcab Raids every day. There will be increased chance of ushabti catch, as well as rare drops and enhanced lucky items. The drop rate of grimoire pages from Solak will also be increased. And charm drops will give one more charm.

The Justiciar legguards have had their inventory icon slightly adjusted to avoid confusion between them and the Ancestral robe bottoms. Selecting the use option on the basket in Taverly now opens the balloon transport system map.A spelling error has been fixed in the God Wars Dungeon display under the Falador Party Room.Some grammar has been corrected when logging into highly populated worlds.A grammatical error in the Sorcerer’s garden was corrected.

A clipping issue between the Hand fan and the Crier coat on female characters has been fixed.A clipping issue with layered skirts on female characters has been fixed. The account management interface for Game Center accounts now redirects players to prompt them about linking an email to their account so they can play on desktop too.

A pathing issue which caused players to stop when trying to climb the rope at the Observatory has been fixed.The inventory icons of the Mystic mist battlestaves and Mist battlestaves have been tweaked slightly.Interface issues occurring on specific new devices which contain “notches” has been addressed.The inventory icon of the Trident of the seas has been resized so it fits within its box in the equipment tab.

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