Cold Therapy for Post-Operative Rehabilitation & Pain Management

Cold therapy is an effective tool for recovery and pain management for orthopedic post-operative care. Cold therapy is particularly useful for post-operative knee replacement rehabilitation.  Most importantly, it is a low-cost and highly effective way to enhance rehabilitation without using large amounts of narcotic pain medication.  Pain medication causes side effects that most patients would rather avoid.

How does cold therapy work?

Cold therapy is effective for many reasons including :

•  Cold therapy works by decreasing fluid buildup which is a major contributor to post-operative swelling in the injured body part or surgical area.

•  Cold therapy causes blood vessels to narrow, slowing down the blood flow to the injured part.

•  During Rehabilitation, cold therapy limits the muscle’s ability to contract, therefore reducing muscle spasm, which can be painful the during post-operative recovery time.

For these reasons, cold therapy is frequently prescribed by licensed physicians throughout the patients post-operative rehabilitation.  It is important that the patients and physician select a cold therapy system that has been proven to provide quality, safe cold therapy.  With the right cold therapy system, continuous flow cold can penetrate deep into effected area, thus providing lasting pain relief.

Cold therapy is particularly effective at alleviating pain.  Studies have proven that applying cold therapy using a cold therapy system in post-operative treatment for knee surgery, significantly reduces the patients pain level.  More than 75% of patients in the study reported limited or low pain post-operatively.

What makes the cold therapy system better than traditional cold ice packs?

Cold packs are adequate for minor injuries like strains and sprains, but they are not effective for more significant injuries or post-operative care.  An ice pack delivers inconsistent temperature over a small space.  Over a very short period, the ice pack begins to cool, lessening the effects of the cold therapy.  The ice pack warms against the skin, becoming ineffective, this forces the patient to continuously replace the ice in the ice pack.  Traditional ice packs also drip and leak while they melt, increasing the chances for infection to the operative wound site.

A quality cold therapy system administers a continuous flow of cold through pads that are specifically designed for different body parts and applications. This continuous flow ensures that temperatures stay within the effective therapeutic range.

For years IsoComforter has proven itself in real-world conditions on patients that have reported exceptional outcomes when using our product. For the ultimate in cold therapy treatment, trust IsoComforter. It’s easy to use and proven effective.


IsoComforter, Inc., located in South Florida, manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art cold therapy products nationwide for effective pain control after orthopedic injuries back surgery, ACL knee surgery, shoulder and rotator cuff surgery.



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