Chipped Teeth Treatment & Repair

The outer covering of the teeth is known as Enamel. Although it is the toughest substance in the human body, it can break. A strong blow or excessive wear and tear could lead to it chipping.

Causes of chipped teeth

The most common reasons for chipping of teeth could be –
•    falling or travel accidents
•    biting hard substances
•    exposure to contact sports without a mouthguard
•    sleep grinding of teeth

Apart from these, several reasons could weaken the enamel of teeth. And weakened teeth are at more risk of chipping. Things that could weaken the enamel are-
•    Tooth decay and cavities.
•    Higher consumption of acid-producing foods, like fruit juices, coffee, and spicy foods.
•    Regular episodes of acid reflux.
•    Excessive alcohol / Sugar consumption.

Certain studies show that the second lower molar is at the highest risk of chipping. This is because it takes the maximum amount of pressure when chewing. Also, teeth with fillings tend to be more prone to chipping.But, all said and done, even intact teeth could get chipped!

Symptoms of a chipped tooth

Sometimes the chipped tooth may not be physically visible to you if it is not at the front of your mouth. The following symptoms could help you recognize a chipped tooth-

•    Feeling a jagged surface when your tongue touches.
•    Gum irritation.
•    Pain on biting.

If you feel any such things, it would be wise to get yourself inspected from a Emergency Dentist South East London.

Chipped tooth treatment options

The kind of treatment procedure your dentist crystal palacewould implement for treating your chipped tooth depends on several factors like its location, the extent of damage, the health condition of the patient, etc.

The treatment of a chipped wouldn’t be called an emergency unless it is causing severe pain or is affecting eating and sleeping. But it is best to consult a SE19 dentistat the earliest possible time frame to avoid any further damage.

Treatments for chipped tooth include-

Tooth reattachment

It is a wise thing to preserve the tooth fragment that broke off (if you can) until you visit your Dentist South East London. To preserve it, place it in a glass of milk. In certain cases, the dentist crystal palacemay be able to cement the fragment back onto your tooth.
Tooth Bonding

Dentists normally use composite resin to make an artificial fragment of the broken part and cement it to the surface of your tooth. Such bonds can last up to 10 years.

Porcelain veneer

For porcelain veneers, the SE19 dentist would first take an impression of your tooth. He would send it to a lab to create the veneer. This veneer when ready can be bonded to your tooth. Veneer could last almost 30 years.

Dental Onlays

Dental Onlays are often applied to the surface of molars. Dentists would first take a mold of your tooth. This would be sent to a dental lab to create the Onlay. Once it is ready, he would fit it onto your tooth and cement it. With proper care, dental Onlays can last for decades.

Root canal

The most complicated scenario in a chipped tooth could even lead you to a root canal if the chip has affected the root of your tooth.

Self-care for a chipped tooth while you wait

Although only a dentist could fix your chipped tooth, taking certain steps while you wait could help in reducing the harm.

•    Place a temporary dental filling material at the rough edge of the tooth. This would prevent any injury to the tongue and gums. Things like teabag/ dental wax/ sugar-free gum tend to be the ideal filling materials.
•    Taking a mild anti-inflammatory painkiller to help with the pain if any.
•    Placing ice on the outside of your cheek can help reduce any irritation caused by the chipped tooth.
•    Flossing can help remove any food caught around the chipped tooth.
•    Avoid eating/chewing.
•    A dab of clove oil can help numb the pain in the gums.

My two cents

A chipped tooth is one of the most common dental injuries. It usually isn’t accompanied by significant pain and can be treated with simple dental procedures. However, although it is not considered a dental emergency, a quick consultation with a dentist can help you avoid any kind of dental complications.

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