China’s shared bikes and why we can’t live without them

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We hope our fantastic VIPKID teachers have had a wonderful week! No matter where we live in the world there’s one thing we all endure on our way to work… commutes.


Although Beijing has convenient and cheap transportation links it can get extremely crowded during rush hour. Thankfully shared bikes have made commutes easier in Chinese cities.


The two most popular shared bike apps (ofo and mobike) offer virtually free rides to app users at 0.5 mao per 30 minutes of riding, that’s less than $1. If you ride less than 30 minutes you don’t pay!


Before setting off on your adventure, just swipe the QR code on your phone and watch as the bike unlocks itself.


Best of all unlike typical bike sharing initiatives around the world , these can be found virtually anywhere in the city and do not need to be returned to their original location.


Regrettably, this has led to it’s own set of problems, as people will discard bikes anywhere, sometimes even in indescribable piles.


But this hasn’t stopped their popularity, some people have even used the shared bikes as part of their wedding entourage.


Their popularity has seen them spread, you can now find mobike in Manchester, and ofo across some European cities.


Although you wouldn’t think there’s anything in common between shared bikes and VIPKID we are both a part of a shared economy. Just like the shared bike model we offer and encourage shared teaching resources.



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