Cannabis clones vs seeds| a tough fight but clones take the cake!

Weed culture is becoming a trend now and everyone is taking to it. Given the kind of hassle, one has to go through to score decent marijuana; everyone is willing to become a cultivator. But there are certain technicalities which require proper attention while growing weed at home. Among them, choosing cannabis clones vs seeds is the foremost point which needs a wise decision.

Clone or seed, which is better?

If you have made up your mind that you will cultivate indoors, then start with choosing the correct strain. According to research, clones are way more effective than seeds. A fundamental reason behind it is, seeds do not guarantee the exact feature of the parent plant; whereas clones do. Clones being cutting of the original plant will have near to perfection characteristics of its origin. Therefore, in the battle of Cannabis clones vs seeds, clone is a clear winner.

Benefits of using clones over seeds:

  • Clones are a replica version of their original plant and maintain the ‘high’ flavor, smell and effect of the origin in plants. It is a convenient replacement of seeds and most likely a better alternative too.
  • Replacing seeds with clones is also an economical idea. The smoker does not need to buy seeds separately and plant them. Instead, he can just cut a slack and start growing a new plant.
  • Isn’t this easy too?
  • Cloning can happen till up to 4 times for male plants and around 8 times for female plants. Growing plants from clones is a reasonably reliable method to keep your stocks intact.
  • The availability of seeds is ambiguous for which extracting clones from plants existing in your garden is a more feasible and time-saving way to go about it.

But, how seeds are giving a tough fight?

By now you have seen enough reasons to know who wins the battle of cannabis clones vs seeds. Even then, there are enough reasons to bank on a bunch of seeds, because some opine that they provide a better yield. There is a higher probability of a successful sprouting from seeds if you choose them carefully. Growth from seeds lets the mother plant retain only some of the original traits, but clones are the ‘exact’ copy.

Now, that you have stronger grounds and clear conception regarding choosing clones over seeds, move on to know more about the ‘extra’ strains have for you.

A fascinating trend that is doing the rounds is weed infused food items. People are going gaga over the fact their favourite dishes are capable of having weed as an ingredient.

Among the food items, Cannabis smoothies are gaining maximum popularity. Why? Because it is mouth-watering and gives you an amazing high as well!

How to make these lip-smacking smoothies?  

Gather all the ingredients (fruits, milk, vanilla pod, honey, etc.) to make weed smoothies and decide the flavour you want. The intensity of the weed sip depends entirely on the amount of weed you are adding. Make sure that all cannabis leaves blend perfectly with milk and mix it all together to get high.

*Make sure you use male plants for marijuana smoothies and drinks.

Now that you have a recipe for cannabis smoothies, yummy in your tummy is on its way!


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