Can Artificial Grass Be Used With Dogs?

Artificial Grass Installation Sydney

Artificial grass installation Sydney is becoming increasingly popular among the home owners who are looking out for a drought-resistant substitute to the traditional lawns. The artificial grass requires very less maintenance, and can be relished year-round. However if you are pet lover and have pet dogs at home, you know very well that it is not healthy for the dogs to be cooped up inside the house all the time, as it will lead to a destructive behaviour of your dog.

On the other hand, if you are person with a hectic schedule, then maintaining a natural lawn is a trouble. Fortunately, the artificial grass installation Sydney is an excellent way which allows your pets to have a great time outdoors, without you having put in a lot of efforts to clean up their muddy footprints.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

Yes, the artificial grass installers Sydney set up only a pet-friendly artificial grass for you! Today’s artificial lawn does not only look better but they feel better too. The older options had exposure to lead, which created a variety of health issues for the dogs, including peripheral neuropathy. But, today’s artificial grass, have no noticeable trace of lead. This means, the artificial turf is safe for pets and your family too.

In case, if you had installed an artificial lawn long back, which shows traces of lead, then you must consider changing it immediately. These days, the artificial grass installation cost Sydney is very affordable, so, you can get it installed easily too.

Here are a few reasons that state why installing artificial turf could be the best option –

– No Stains – Artificial grass with good quality comes with exceptional UV stability. They are not damaged by dog’s faeces or urine. Since the turfs have pierced hole on the grass, the urine will pass through these holes, without causing any damage to your grass. And to clear-up the faeces, only a little water and soap is necessary, it is not going to cause any smell after that.

– No Digging Up – The reason why most pets dig up the real grass is for the mud. Artificial grass means no mud, so the pets, will not try to dig it. If you are exceptionally concerned about this, the artificial grass installers Sydney can take extra measures during installation process.

– Durability – The artificial grass is designed to withstand extreme pressure, and tested to meet the standards. The grass cannot be pulled out of the weave, means your dog cannot eat up the grass or cannot even destroy it. If you had installed a high-quality artificial lawn, it would last about 15 – 20 years.

– No More Muddy Paw Stains – Your pet dog, will not spoil your clean home during the rainy season, with its muddy paws, since the water dries out quickly on the grass.

– Pets will Love them – Since the artificial grass is made of soft and springy materials, your pet dogs will love the feel of artificial grass. They are sure to have fun on the grass!

Artificial grass is one of the most pet-friendly solutions to a hassle-free lawn. The way it is installed, also determines the longevity of the artificial lawn, which, even your pets can’t destroy. The artificial grass can be safely enjoyed by every member of your family, including your pet dogs! Get artificial grass which is totally lead-free and safe for your pets and family!

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