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Go around the world, search all the available contraceptive methods, you will still not find anything close to condoms. This little wrap of latex has the maximum number of sales throughout the globe and by far the safest and most reliable piece of contraception. It has the variety in not just colors, textures and flavors but also in the premium tasks like ultrathin and climax delay. And since you can buy condoms online, there is yet another reason to use them in all their glory.

If you live in India, you have still one more reason to buy condoms online. A website named Sexcare not just promises to deliver condoms with full protection of privacy in a discreet packaging but also offers free of cost condom disposal kit.

Buy Condoms Online in India

All in all condoms have a broad reach which makes it available to the public like grocery items. Condom shops are everywhere. But majority of men feel embarrassed buying it from retail shop. Due to this factor alone, people travel long distances so that nobody from their neighborhood can see them. Still glaring eyes and smirks do not leave them. To tackle the shyness you can buy condoms online in India with free condom disposal kit without any worries.

Not only do you have the luxury to explore the available brands of condoms with comfort, you can also experiment with different flavors and textures till you find the one that compliments your palate. To buy condoms online all you need to do is log on to an e-commerce website dealing in sexual wellness products like Sexcare and add the product into the cart. After that, enter your delivery address and select the payment mode. The product reaches you discreetly without anyone knowing what’s inside. And there’s something more; you get condom disposal kit free of cost with every pack of condom.

If you buy condoms online in India not only your privacy remains intact but you also have the luxury to freely explore the varieties. You can buy flavored condoms or experiment with one of the premium condoms. The ribbed ones, dotted ones are quite popular but the most amazing product is the climax delay condom which makes you last really long. Also, you can buy ultrathin condoms which give the feel of skin to skin contact when you penetrate. It is like you are wearing nothing. You can also include a water based sex lubricant to add to the fun. So order condom online today and make your sex life safe along with some twist and fun.




Sexcare is an e-commerce platform selling adult products in India. Founded in 2016 by SP Singh, the website manages its operation from the capital, Delhi. Sexcare serves almost all the regions of India including the major, minor and remote locations of the nation. Breaking the taboo of sex toys industry in a conserved nation like India, the website sells sexual wellness products of national and international brands.

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