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OSRS mobile is announced the biggest update last Saturday, now we share the details to Runescape players. Read it below.By the way,you can share 80% off runescape gold on Rs3gold for Thanksgiving.

What did we have learn for OSRS mobile?
Since its announcement in July, Runescape has made a lot of progress on OSRS Mobile, RuneFest players have done some testing and assigned an internal alpha in JMods. And it also has a version approved by the Apple App Store (basic level) and the Google Play Store.

This is the first large-scale MMORPG that attempts a comprehensive cross-platform support and mobile optimization interface. So far, this is a very interesting challenge, but this project is much larger than originally thought!

We want to ensure that OSRS Mobile is released to players with the best features, while ensuring application security and stability. Therefore, OSRS Mobile introduced the first beta.

When will we get it?
The development schedule shows that we can get the app in January 2018 and this is a great way to start a new year!

The first person selected will be selected on the account and the device used. Once the initial testing phase is over, it will seek to expand the number of players accessing the mobile device.

Some versions for some players will be on the live server in January, so you can really #AdventureAnywhere, either on your PC or on your mobile.

What is the next step?
In the coming weeks, OSRS mobile will release test data including memory used, hourly usage data (average data), and battery life during games. You can see some JMods fighting 1v1 on the mobile! Tweet @OldSchoolRS Win the first JMods to fight on mobile phones.

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