Bushnell Banner Crossfire 500.

The Bushnell Company has put out an illuminated scope that is quite good. The Bushnell Banner Crossfire 500 is a high quality rifle scope that is 14 inches in length and has a weight of about one pound. The objective lens is 40 mm, and that of course may result in your have a fit that is tight in your rifle case after the item has been mounted. However should not be a problem if you have a medium or large case. The 40 mm objective lens offers the user a 4x to 16x magnification. Excellent contrast and true clarity along all strengths of magnification. You will have images that are quite detailed and vivid, offering you great sight when ready to take your shot.

Bushnell Banner Illuminated Crossfire 500 Reticle Riflescope, 4-16x 40mm

Regarding the optics on this scope, the lenses are multi coated, offering serious brightness even in low lighting, and also will help to avoid moisture from blurring your vision even in the rain. The nitrogen filled tube leaves you with no worries at all that your scope will fog up even during cols and damp out door conditions. Clear, crisp images full of contrast and detail are available to the user at all mag strengths, allowing for clarity prior to taking your best shot. However the eye relief could have been better designed. It has an eye relief of only 3.3 inches, leaving the shooter at risk of smacking his or her self in the eye. They must consider recoil, and go for an improvement.

As for the light gathering capabilty of this scope, this scope has lenses that offer the user better transmission of light than other scopes. Appears as though the transmission is at about 92%, and this is a good scope for using during early AM or late PM times of day. The field of view for this scope is 22 feet at 100 yards while at 4x mag, and 6 feet at 100 yards at 16x mag. That is a fair field of view at said magnifications.

Rings for mounting do not come standard with this product, and so you will be getting yourself a set of 1 inch rings. Medium height rings would make sense considering the 40 mm objective lens to avoid contact with the barrel once mounted. When you have your rings at the ready this cope mounts quite easily. Regarding the toughness of this item, it is made with aircraft grade aluminum, it quite rugged, and very sturdy when it comes to shock. You can drop it and bump it, and all that, and conme out with no damage at all.

Reliable, durable product from Bushnell.

Product retails at around $110.





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