Building Materials

The construction of planned structures is a tedious process. Knowledgeable professionals and skilled tradesmen contribute throughout the course of the construction for the structure to be realized. The tradesmen, in particular, work with the building materials that are needed to provide a physical form for what is on the blueprint or the customer’s mind (Mishra, 2016).


The type of building materials needed for a particular work on the construction process depends on who is doing the certain task. As mentioned earlier, the tradesmen are the ones who work with the raw materials. There are different tradesmen involved in the construction process and these are the carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, painters, welders, and other tradesmen specialist not commonly involved in the job (Mishra, 2016). As an example, a carpenter who works to form the skeleton of the structure needs wood for it to be made. On the other hand, the painter uses the paint to define the structure that is being built to add some finishing touches to its aesthetics.


Building materials can be acquired directly from the natural resources around us; however, the other materials can only be acquired by processing some naturally occurring substances (Mishra, 2016). To exemplify this, the wood that is used by carpenters comes from the forests where they are cut into workable sizes and shapes. In comparison, the paint that a painter uses is a product of raw materials like solvent, resin, pigment, and other additives.


It is important to note that some of the raw materials used in the construction process are prohibited or illegal. The reasons can range from the said material to come from some endangered species to a material that can cause some major harm to the environment or to the people who are working in the construction of the building and to those who will be using it eventually. To give you more idea on this here is an example, there is a tree called the St. Helena Gumwood in the St. Helena Island that has become endangered due to the mass need for wood in the construction of some structures in this place (Grant, 2016). Speaking of substances in raw materials that can harm people, volatile organic compounds that are present in paint can evaporate into the air once it dries which is toxic to the human body (Correspondent, 2016). Failure to abide by the rules concerning construction can either result to the suspension of the construction and in the worst case scenario a lawsuit from a government agency (“Termination and suspension of construction contracts”, 2016). There is this one case in the Philippines where the government suspended the construction of a high-end resort in the island of Palawan due to illegal logging and some other issues with the rights concerning the land. The said resort utilized wood coming from endangered species of trees endemic to the Philippines (Anda, 2016).



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