Brilliant Ways to DIY Headboards

Boost your bedroom aesthetic within an affordable budget. Here, we would be discussing the brilliant DIY for headboards. So, read the whole article to know about your favorite crafty headboards and what are best interior designers in Hyderabad that can help you design your home as per your requirement. 

Back in the day, headboards were used as a barrier between walls and bed to keep heads from getting too cold in the night times. That time, houses were not as insulated as today so headboards were a great help in keeping the body warm. Now you must be thinking that why do we need headboards in homes which have better insulation now. Top interior designers in Hyderabad follow some best ideas and designs for headboards, we would be discussing the same and you can follow it to do by yourself or hire best interior designers in Hyderabad to get that look of your house. 

Minimalist plywood headboards

A stylish headboard can make the whole bedroom look cozier and more comfortable.  Cozier bedrooms induce sleep early and help in quality sleep. Residential interior designers in Hyderabad suggest a minimalist plywood headboard which has customized shelves as one of the best ways to give aesthetic look to your room. 

Woven headboards

These types of headboards are also suggested by top interior designers in Hyderabad to their clients. They one of the very cost-effective ways to design your home and also perfect for novice DIY-ers. 

Paper flower headboards

Nowadays, the reason behind keeping the headboards is no longer to save the head from cold. It is more about the design and looks of the room. So, if you also want to get a great look for your bedroom interiors, cascading paper flower is the best ways to do that. Best interior designers in Hyderabad add a touch of whimsy to your neutral bedroom with a paper flower glued to clear string.

Plywood printed headboards

According to residential interior designers in Hyderabad, having a printed plywood headboard is a chic solution to back up the bed. Hire interior design companies in Hyderabad to know what would suit best to your bedroom interior design. 

Tapestry Headboards

If you want to the cheapest headboards in your bedroom, all you need is a rod and tapestry. This gives a bohemian look. The advantage of having this type of headboard is that if you get bored with one design then you can simply swap it with other rug or throw blanket. 

Diamond tufted headboards

This type of headboard is quite famous and are mostly preferred by people. Interior design companies in Hyderabad can tell you which type of color and what type of headboard will go best with your bedroom interior design. 


Nifty Interio, is one of the leading and popular interior design companies in Hyderabad that works with a wide range of budget. It suggests the best designs to the clients but along with that understands the requirements of the client. 

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