Breast Reduction Surgery Offers Long Term Success And Satisfaction

Uncomfortable because of the large noticeable breasts? Breast Reduction Surgery is an ideal choice!

Large breasts are not necessarily attractive. You need proportionate shape and size of breasts as per your body. Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that helps in the reduction of breast tissues. Consult Dr. Parag Telang, the Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai and find smaller and lighter breasts.

Why choose breast reduction surgery?

a) The large disproportionate breasts give you a bad body frame. This makes you conscious in daily life.
b) Also, the nipples and areola are pointed downwards and you are unhappy about this structure.
c) You may have a breast larger than the other. With Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai, you can find a symmetric shape.
d) Women with large breasts or macromastia mostly have a bad body posture. Hence, they suffer from chronic shoulder, neck and back pain.
e) You may find difficulty in breathing when you sleep on the stomach side down. Your breasts are pressed against the bed.
f) Large breasts cause lots of discomforts.
g) You may not be able to wear the clothes you wish to. For better fitting of your clothes and apt shape consult the Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Parag Telang.
h) Sunken shoulders due to the bra straps, holding heavy breasts are painful again.
i) Women with large breast experience lot of sweating due to breast folds. This creates a room for fungal infection as well.

Benefits of breast reduction surgery:-

a) Gain confidence and feel lighter with smaller breasts.
b) The procedure offers natural looking results.
c) You also find the smaller nipple and areola size.
d) No more chronic shoulder, neck and back pain.
e) Sleep in the body posture you want.
f) Experience better breathing.
g) Do not restrict your movements anymore.
h) Exercising, jogging or running will not make you conscious about large breasts anymore.

Breast reduction surgeries can be done in the following ways:-

a. Liposuction Procedure – Liposuction may or may not include the excision technique. Here, fatty breast tissues are removed. This procedure is considered less invasive. Also, this hardly leaves any scars. And scars, if any fade away with time very quickly.

b. Excision Method – If you have the excess of glandular tissue, fat, and skin, breast reduction surgery is done with the help of incision.

While both the procedures provide a satisfactory and long-lasting solution, which procedure to follow entirely depends on the health of the patient, the amount of reduction needed and your aesthetic goals.

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A few points that help:-

a) Discuss all the medications that you are taking. The Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Parag Telang can guide better to deliver excellent results.
b) Infection on breasts if any needs to be cured prior to the surgery.
c) Markings are made by the surgeon. These help the surgeon to guide the tissues to be removed or preserved.
d) General anaesthesia is used here. You may require staying a night in the hospital.
e) All that you find is firmer, lifted, proportionate and younger looking breasts.

Healing food for quick recovery after the surgery:-

Drink plenty of water. If you keep yourself hydrated, you can avoid complications coming your way like clotting etc. Consume the food rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Eat lots of deep coloured fruits. You can also have steamed or grilled fish. Avoid the fried one. Enjoy broiled chicken and yoghurt, these help in healing the damaged tissues.

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Sahil Agarwal

Dr. Parag Telang is a 38 years old, Mumbai-based cosmetic & plastic surgeon who specializes in Aesthetic and Reconstructive plastic surgery. He is the Director and Chief Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at Designer Bodyz, Centre for Advanced Cosmetic surgery, which is Mumbai’s most preferred cosmetic Centre.

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