Bonuses and Free Spins Galore at All Slots Casino

Whenever you need to open a new bank account the bank would often require you to make a deposit. Other things that require a deposit before you get to use it are apartments, rental cars, and venues for parties. This deposit acts as a guarantee or an insurance that covers any expense that might be incurred just in case you fail to pay for your obligations. In the online casino industry a deposit is equal to spending money.

To say that casinos don’t care if you deposit any money or not is a lie. Of course casinos want you to make a deposit. Otherwise how will they make money? But not everything is about deposits. At All Slots Casino customer’s enjoyment is as important as the deposit itself. This concern for the customer’s enjoyment made free spins from All Slots Casino come to life.

Game developers added free spins because they know that first impressions last. Providing these freebies gives the customer time to form a good impression of any particular game at All Slots Casino. Free spins lets people see right away how great the game is and will encourage them deposit more so they can play longer. Free spins also gives customers a feeling of satisfaction at winning money without spending a dime. The more the customer wins the more he gets encouraged to play. This is a win for both customer and online casinos like All Slots Casino.

Free spins allow the customer a certain number of spins on a particular game without needing to wager any actual money. The best part is if you win while using the free spin, you get real money that’s all yours to keep. If you lose there’s no harm done because you never made any cash out to pay for those spins. If you want to continue playing you’ll have to make a deposit using your credit or debit card and other available payment terms.

Free spins are usually triggered by having multiple numbers of a particular symbol appear on the slot machine reels. Three is the usual number of symbols that needs to appear on the reels. In some games it may be more. In Mega Moolah for example you will need 3 or more Monkeys to get free spins.

When you open an account with All Slots Casino you get a chance to get free spins by playing games that offer them. Opening an account has never been this rewarding. Sign-up with All Slots Casino and grab those free spins!



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