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The new assassin has come out of the shadow of Gielinor’s land. During this time you need to complete the task of assassin contract. Then you can win various rewards with Up to 9% off rs3 gold on Rsorder .Last but not least, Green charms are not worth it. If you are thinking: Where are the Green charms? The Green charms are very slow XP per hour and super expensive. Crimsons or Blue charms give you the same amount of experience as the Greens do but cost you much less. You can make those Crimsons into better pouches much cheaper and more efficiently.

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The specific time of Faceless Assassins

From 00:00 game time on Wednesday 24th January through to 23:59 game time on Monday 29th January.

How to win the award of the Assassin’s Contract?

Complete the Assassin Contract mission and get amazing new awards, including the awesome “Faceless Assassin” outfit.

In this promotion, open the “Treasure Hunter” (notice: iron man must speak to Diango), get the contract. Complete all 16 missions in the Assassin’s Contract, unlock full outfit in blue, and then re-pretend and re-complete missions multiple times to unlock more color options as well as arms coverage and assassin’s walking coverage!

Do you want to get rewards faster?

You can win Assassin Walk Coverage directly from Treasure Hunter or you can skip subcontracts for tasks you do not want to do. Please note that if you complete the contract, the subcontractor can not deposit due to a change of function.Notice: Ironman should speak to Faceless Assassin hidden around the world to automatically check the Heist minigame quest.

If you have loads of excess Green charms, you can also convert them into Crimson charms with Divination as well, it cost a little bit of money to do this but it’s also worth it to do this rather than actually create the Green charms. So if you do want to get rid of your Green charms, you can always convert to Crimson ones and use the Crimsons instead.
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